Glenrothes | Part One

April 10, 2014

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On this week's Monday Musings I mentioned that at the weekend we went away for a few days for my dad's birthday. We booked the trip as a surprise for my dad a few months ago and boy has it been hard to keep it as a secret. I don't know how many times, particularly in recent weeks, I have almost spilled the beans on our little getaway.

The best thing about this trip, other than it being the first time I've gone on holiday with my family in two years, was we got to take all three of our little dogs and stay in a hotel. Oh yes. Did you know that some hotels actually allow pets as a part of their pet policy? Up until we got Roxie I had no idea. Although, to be fair, they are pretty few and far between.

On Monday, which was my dad's birthday, we took a little trip to Faulkland which was about fifteen minutes from our hotel in Glenrothes. Unfortunately the weather was pretty miserable but in true tourist (and blogger) style I pulled out the camera and took a few little snaps.
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Being out in the rain meant that we ended up with three soggy little doggies but only Roxie and Scout would stand still long enough for photographs. Who can blame Mitzi though? It wasn't nice weather at all!

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After our walk around Faulkland we all bundled into my parents' room with the dogs as being that it was my dad's birthday there was cake to be had. My dad is diabetic and so my sister makes all the yummy birthday cakes in our house. The Papa Smurf figure is because that is what I nicknamed him about five years ago and it sort of stuck. Don't ask me why I did. I have absolutely no idea. It's a pretty neat cake though!

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Apparently the walk in the rain tired out the dogs too!

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  I think that's probably enough photographs to tide you over today. If you want any more cuteness be sure to check out Part Two which I'll have up in a couple of days. I promise you more photographs of dogs, flowers and food!

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  1. Looks like a lovely place and such cute soggy doggies!

    1. They are cute alright but little monsters too sometimes!

      Debi x


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