I Love Spring

April 01, 2014

Last year I wrote a post about things to make you smile throughout winter and so it only seemed appropriate to write another but this time for Spring. Being a summer girl at heart I have always overlooked spring. I'm always champing at the bit for summer just to arrive so I can don my shorts and get out into that sunshine. That being said, there are plenty of things that I enjoy about spring and certainly don't go unnoticed.

1. Warmer weather
As much as I enjoy a good jumper over the winter period by the time spring comes around I am happy to send them packing for the next six months. I much prefer the warmer weather and waking up to bright blue skies is an instant mood lifter. I really do love the morning sun creeping through my curtains when I wake up and being able to venture outside without absolutely freezing my butt off. Goodbye hats, gloves and scarves!

 photo twh8.jpg
2. Lighter nights
I don't really like taking the dog out for her evening walk in the dark. I don't know why. It just gives me the heebie-jeebies! Therefore, it is no surprise that I love the lighter evenings that spring brings. I can finally see where I'm going and I'm not going to be unaware of any foxes sneaking up on us. Plus, not having to close the curtains and put on the light is an awesome feeling.

3. Crocuses and Daffodils
Seeing these lovely little flowers spring up on the roadside always brings a smile to my face. I love crocuses (particularly the purple ones) and have many fond memories of picking them with my big sister to take home. The splash of colour from spring flowers is definitely  one of my favourite things about this season!

4. Buds on trees
Maybe this is an oddly specific thing to love about spring but seeing tiny green buds appear on trees and hedges makes me smile. Just last week I excitedly pointed out the the other half that there were little bud on the tree outside our living room window.  To be honest he wasn't as interested in this discovery as I was but hey! Nobody's perfect! There is something about those little tiny specks of green that make me happy. I don't really get it either.
5. Lambs in the Fields
Is there anything cuter than little lambs leaping in the fields? Baby animals are always cute. They melt my heart. Whenever I see lambs in the fields I am immediately transported back to my childhood and day trips in the car. Therefore seeing lambs can only mean one thing: good times.

 photo flowers.png
6. Fresh Beginnings
Flowers blooming left, right and centre. Little baby animals being born everywhere. It's not surprising that spring brings a renewed sense of optimism. It is almost as if I get to wipe out the first three months of the year which are never as successful as I had hoped, and really start again. 

7. Cupboards filled with Chocolate
Easter means nothing to me on a religious level but it does mean that family will stock my cupboard full of chocolate for the next couple of months. For me, this is no bad thing. I adore chocolate. Maybe even a little too much. And chocolate I didn't have to pay for? Well, that's just heaven! Perhaps I shouldn't over indulge this year as I have my wedding dress to fit into. Bah! Who am I kidding?! The dress will fit fine plus I know I can't resist chocolate!

What are your favourite things about spring?

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  1. I have to agree most of reasons why I love spring are the same as yours - especially with the flowers starting to blossom. I love cherry blossom especially. Although that seems a little way away from Michigan although it's getting warmer, slowly!

    1. Yeah the weather still isn't great in Scotland either. It seems that the south of England is the only place in the UK getting nice weather! Haha, I love cherry blossom too although it does get everywhere!

      Debi x


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