Monday Musings #14

April 07, 2014

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Ah Monday. Well actually I'm writing this on Thursday and scheduling it for Monday but same thing really. Normally I answer my Monday Musings questions at the end of the previous week and on the Sunday evening/Monday morning to give you my little weekend summary. However, as I am currently (as you read this) on a mini break for my dad's birthday this is all being written and scheduled on Thursday. In fact it's my dad's birthday today! Happy birthday Dad! I'm sure I'll write a post soon about all the fun stuff we got up to this weekend!

Anyway, onto those head-scratching questions...  

Why are you, you? 
Because nobody else would be? No, I kid. The honest, sensible answer is that I am who I am due to the way I was raised, the morals and values that were instilled in me as a child by my parents. I am who I am because of the people that I spend the most time with have rubbed off on me.
If you haven’t achieved it yet what do you have to lose? 
As ever it depends on what "it" that you refer to but for the most part I would stand to lose money if I really tried to achieve the big things I want right now: to buy a new house, start a family, begin my own business, learn to drive. Money we just can't afford to lose just now.

What three words would you use to describe the last three months of your life? 
Hectic. Stressful. Promising.

Is it ever right to do the wrong thing?  Is it ever wrong to do the right thing? 
Sure it is. It is wrong to lie but sometimes lying is for the greater good to protect someone or prevent something from happening and vice versa. Often situations aren't as black and white as something being right and wrong. Sometimes it is riddled with grey areas. I think you always have to weigh up the consequences and advantages before deciding whether to do the right thing or not. Obviously I wouldn't advocate doing something illegal or hugely, morally wrong.

How would you describe ‘freedom’ in your own words? 
The ability to choose to do as you see fit without the boundaries and restrictions set upon you by anyone else or society as a whole. Freedom is the right able to say what you think and do as you please.
What is the most important thing you could do right now in your personal life? 
Sort out a better money situation I suppose. Although I do spend a lot of time trying to come up with something to help better ourselves financially and often fall short!

In case any of you noticed, yes, I did only answer six questions this week instead of the normal seven. That would be because all the way back in week 4 I answered eight so I am just trying to get back to the questions that  I'm meant to be at. I bet that you didn't notice at all...

How would you answer these questions?

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** Inspiration for this series came from Underland to Wonderland's Weekly Wonderings which also asks the same 365 questions found on this post on  Mark and Angel Hack Life.

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  1. These are really interesting and thought provoking questions! I was just wondering, where do you get your questions for every week? :) x

  2. There's a link at the bottom of the post for where I found the questions. The list of questions was originally from a site called Mark and Angel Hack Life but I first found the questions on Danielle's blog Underland to Wonderland.

    Debi x


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