Monday Musings #17

April 28, 2014

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After a pretty mediocre weekend that I don't much feel like sharing I think I'll just jump straight into the questions...

 How do you know when it’s time to continue holding on or time to let go? 
It is just a gut feeling, I think. If something is meant to be and you let it go I truly believe that it will make its way back to you. It has certainly worked for me in the past, even if it hurt like crazy to let it go. In terms of regrets and grudges I think that if it is bringing you down then you just need to let it go as soon as possible. You can't change the past. 

How do you define success? 
Success is individual to everyone and every situation. To me, success isn't about having an amazing career or all the riches in the world. It is much simpler than that. Success is happiness.

If someone could tell you the exact day and time you are going to die, would you want them to tell you? 
Hell no! That's just like having a ticking time bomb over your head until the end. Contrary to popular belief, I don't think that knowing when I was going to die would make me seize the day and do crazy things I'd never experienced before. Being who I am, I am certain that all it would do is put me into a panic and I would spend my last days worrying about the end. That is no way to live.

If I could grant you one wish what would you wish for?
I've been mulling over this one for a while, staring at the screen trying to work out essentially what I want most in the world. I guess I would have to wish for happiness and just see what that brings into my life.

What have you read online recently that inspired you? 
I haven't a clue.

Why do religions that advocate unity divide the human race? 
Religion isn't a topic that I really want to get into here. I'm not religious in any shape, manner or form. I do however think that it isn't only religions which divide the human race but political views and other such things.
If you could live one day of your life over again, what day would you choose? 
Just the once? No Groundhog Day scenario? Honestly I am not sure. Maybe July 1st 2011 which was the day that I got engaged. I had spend the afternoon with my family in a gorgeous little secluded spot beside a loch before going to the other half's house where he proposed with a note and pizza. It was a beautiful sunny day and it will always be very special to me.

How would you answer this week's questions?

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** Inspiration for this series came from Underland to Wonderland's Weekly Wonderings which also asks the same 365 questions found on this post on  Mark and Angel Hack Life.

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  1. I love these posts, your answers are so honest and interesting! I won't go through all of them but I do agree on the first one, you do get a gut feeling. Whether or not you/I/we listen to that gut feeling seems to be a whole other thing.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thank you :) Absolutely. Sometimes we are just not so good at listening to our gut feeling!

      Debi x


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