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April 08, 2014

When I spied the Furry Friend tag on Oh! Leona I scribbled the idea down in my little blog diary and copied the questions to do at a later date. If you pay even the tiniest amount of attention to my blog or twitter you'll know just how much I adore my furry best friend.
 photo rox1.jpg
 This is the first day we got her. Just look how nervous and scared she is!

1. What is his/her name?
Roxie. I do like to nickname her Rockstar, Rox and Roxie-pops though.

2. When did you get Roxie?
18th June 2012. We have almost had her for two whole years but I can barely remember a moment without her!

3. What is something Roxie does that annoys you?
When she has "puppy ears". In other words, when she decides she doesn't want to listen to me and proceeds to ignore whatever I am telling her to do.

4. What type of breed is Roxie?
A Jack Russell Terrier.

5. Has Roxie ever had a near death experience?
Thankfully no. She's just my little baby. I would hate if anything were to happen to her!

6. Does Roxie know any tricks?
She's practically perfect at doing the whole sit, paw, up thing which I'm pleased to say we taught her. Occasionally she'll give the odd hi-five too. She's not very good at tricks to be honest. She won't do something unless she wants to. I am really proud that I've taught her "leave" so that when food falls on the floor she doesn't pounce on it. I can also place a treat in front of her and get her to wait until I say it's okay.

 photo DSCN0226.jpg
"Come and cuddle me please."

7. Does Roxie love to snuggle?
Yes! Especially in the last year or so she has become quite the little snuggler. She'll curl up on the couch or bed beside me no matter how small the space is for her just for some cuddles.

8. Where did you get Roxie?
We got her from a rescue centre about 2 hours drive from us. She had lived with an elderly couple who for reasons unknown gave her to a woman who already had three Jack Russells. Within a month of getting Roxie she put her into the rescue centre as the lady said she didn't get on with the other dogs and was causing fights. It upset me to think that by the time my little angel was three and a half years old she had lived at her breeders, with the old couple, the lady with the Jacks and the recue centre before finding her forever home with us.

9. Does Roxie get along with other dogs?
Out on walks Roxie can be a bit of a nightmare with all her whining, barking and pulling at other dogs. Having said that, she adores my family's Yorkies, Mitzi and Scout, and they get on like a house on fire!

10. Does Roxie get along with strangers?
Roxie loves meeting new people and loves to jump up for a cuddle. She is just about the friendliest thing ever. Out on the street she can be a little protective of me though!

11. How much does Roxie weigh?
When she was at the vet eight months ago for her annual check-up she was about 7kg which is right in the middle of the average weight for a JRT.

12. Do you ever dress Roxie up? 
Nope. Other than the odd Christmas jumper or her little pyjamas which are purely worn for cosiness. we don't dress her up. The other half always talks about doing so but I don't want him to!

 photo DSCN0235.jpg
 "Excuse me, if you don't mind, I am trying to take a nap."

13. Has Roxie ever tried to run away?
Let me tell you something: Roxie has the worst recall out and about. Indoors, at home, in my parents' garden, she listens and is attentive but out in the big world there are far too many distractions. She has bolted three times since we got her.

The first time we'd had her for two weeks and were on holiday. She had been behaving perfectly with the door open all week then all of a sudden decided to make a runner. The other half (in his socks) and I had to chase her for ages, hoping that we wouldn't lose sight of her, she wouldn't be hurt and that she would stop.

The next time we'd had her for about two months when my mum was taking care of her and she managed to wriggle out her harness and bolt after a fox on a walk.  My mum spent about ten minutes calling on her before she came back to her. Roxie ended up being behind a fence that my mum couldn't lift her over so she had to resort to digging a ditch with her hands and pulling her through.

The last time was about six months ago when Roxie saw a cat as the other half was getting her out of the car. She pulled so hard and quickly that her lead slipped out of his hand and she was off. She charged across the road (in front of a van) and disappeared into our estate with the other half running behind her, calling her name. Eventually she lost the cat and turned around to come home. 

These stories make us sound like terrible owners but honestly we are not. Roxie is the queen of escaping and, despite, umpteen attempts to teach her better recall, she still doesn't listen. 
14. How did you come up with Roxie name?
She was originally called Milly but my parents' neighbour had a dog called Milly so I didn't like the name. The week before we officially got her the other half and I sat down and wrote out a list of names we liked. In the end it was between Penny and Roxie. I liked Roxie better whilst the other half liked Penny so I was pleased when the other half decided that she just didn't suit the name Penny!

15. How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10?
That scale doesn't even do justice as to how much Roxie means to me. I love her to pieces. She is my world, the best, most reliable friend that anyone could ask for. I couldn't imagine life without her.

Do you have a pet? I'd love to see you do this tag!

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  1. Roxie is so gorgeous. And aaah that face? Definitely not a Penny.
    Love this. I did it a while ago for Pete and Betty, as if anyone needs to know more about them!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Aww thank you. She just didn't feel like a Penny to me plus now I can call her my little rockstar!

      Debi x

  2. Looooove this tag, I have to steal it too! Look out for my furry friend tag coming soon :) P.S Roxie is just sooooooo cute x

    1. Yay! Please do. I can never get enough of cute little animals :)

      Debi x


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