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April 25, 2014

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14 weeks to go.

That number is starting to freak me out but I'm such a stress head at the best of times that it's no wonder. There is still a tonne of things to do but I think that we are getting there now, slowly but surely. Let's just hope for no more drama.

Sometimes I feel like I have made no indent on my rather large list and then others I feel like all I have been doing is making decisions and buying things for the wedding. It's a pretty stressful nightmare. Last week however was thankfully a successful week in which we hired kilts for the other half's best men, I tried on my dress again, I asked my little sisters to do a reading at the ceremony and bought new bridesmaid dresses.

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 Glencallum Tartan

Getting the boys' kilts was a far more straightforward process than I had thought it would be. The other half already owns his kilt (Cameron of Erracht tartan) so he was only looking for a new shirt and socks, and to hire a waistcoat, jacket and tie. I think he's going to look awesome. The boys needed the full outfit as one of the best men doesn't own his own kilt so they got two full, matching outfits with Glencallum tartan. Luckily I was there to keep them right with the colours and dates for matching the whole bridal party though!

My Dress
I tried on my dress for the first time in about two and a half years and (breathe a sigh of relief) I still love it. In fact, I think I love it more now than when I first bought it. It may sound crazy but I actually bought my wedding dress online. When I first got engaged I found a website that that sells wedding dresses that are either new, ex-sample, discontinued or surplus stock at a reduced price. It was selling my wedding dress at about £500 cheaper than if I was to walk into a shop and ask for the very same one. Major bargain. Plus it came with tags still on and in perfect condition. It still needs a few alterations but it's gorgeous... I think.

I finally, officially asked my little sisters to do a joint reading at the ceremony. I say little sisters but they are both almost seventeen and taller than me!  I found a poem which was not only humorous but pretty accurate to the kind of people the other half and I are. Luckily it lends itself to being split into two parts so I don't have to choose another reading or only pick one of them to read it. Still to ask the other half's sister to read one too. I may do a post where I share my readings and potentially my ceremony music choices too. Let me know if you'd like this!

Bridesmaid Dresses
Apparently, it turns out that a couple of my sisters weren't happy with their bridesmaid dresses and so yesterday they got new ones. I'm not sure why they didn't tell me back in February that they didn't feel comfortable in them but it doesn't matter. As I've said a million times to them, I just want them to be happy with what they wear. I chose the colour but the dresses were meant to be more their choice. Three out of the five want their dresses shorted to just below the knee with the other two keeping them as maxi dresses which I think is going to look amazing. I've just got to get them altered now too!

When we all tried on our dresses together to get a rough idea of how it'll look on the day my mum cried and my dad said we looked "terrific." Definitely high praises from both of them. I think that we did good.

I'm sure as we get closer to the big day these updates will get a bit more interesting. Well I hope so!

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  1. Sounds like it's definitely coming together, just keep swimming. And a man in a kilt? Good work!
    My (not so) inner voyeur would love a post on your readings and music choices.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Awesome, I'll be sure to do a readings/music post in the coming weeks then! The other half looks awesome in a kilt, if I do say so myself. Quite the handsome devil!

      Debi x


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