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May 16, 2014

It's been six weeks since I last wrote my first Currently I'm... post. How this has happened I am not sure but as I said I wanted to make this a feature for every six to eight weeks it's time or part two.

 photo cidarkplaces.jpg

Reading… Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and quite enjoying it
Watching… I'm loving that Orphan Black is back on our screens and of course Game of Thrones as well.
Playing… More board games like Dominion and a little bit of Call of Duty: MW3 on the Xbox for when we are needing a little stress relief.
Trying… To get more organised or this wedding while staying as stress-free as possible. We've got quite a few things ticked off this month so keep your eyes peeled for another update soon.
Eating… All of the carbs this week. Mmm... carbs.
Drinking… Peppermint tea. As soon as the weather starts to look up I have a craving for green teas and smoothies.
Cooking… Nothing new this week but I have made my Griddled Chicken only with rice instead of salad and my Pepperoni Pasta within the last two weeks and they both went down a treat.
Calling… No one today.
Texting… The other half to remind him to get his butt home as quickly as possible so that we can go out to the rugby tonight. Home play-off tonight. Hopefully this year we can make it to the final!
Pinning… Not very much at the moment. I had been pinning hairstyles and make-up looks for the wedding but I already found ones that I like. I just don't know if my hair will be long enough!  
Tweeting... About wedding, life and Roxie mainly although if you read yesterday's post you'll know I'm trying to cut down - even just a little.
 photo tabledecorations2.jpg

Crafting… Nothing right now but last week I did make my table name decorations for the wedding.
Doing…Housework so I don't have to this weekend
Going… To get my wedding dress properly fitted tomorrow (lacking in the chest!) and getting my bridesmaids' dresses length altered. More expense!
Loving… Roxie snuggles in the morning.
Hating… All the stress and the super long list of things still to be done with this wedding.

 photo ciroxie.jpgEnjoying… The little things like time spent with the other half and Roxie or friendly chats with lovely people.
Thinking… That, as always, I have a lot of things to do and no real motivation to do them.
Feeling… Hopeful for the outcome of this rugby match tonight!
Hoping… Everything goes well at the dress fitting tomorrow and when I get the dresses back none of them have been ruined!
Listening (to)… Amy MacDonald.
Celebrating… My sister's birthday tomorrow and the fact that my other sister moves house today - closer to me! 
Thanking… My lucky stars for the wonderful people in my life.
Considering… Keeping my hair long after the wedding. I had thought about cutting it but it's getting to a stage where I like the length and it's finally starting to look thicker so I'm in two minds about it now.
Finishing… My book, Dark Places.
Starting… To wonder if certain people are worth it if they deem other things more important than coming to my wedding.

What have you been up to?

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  1. I'm currently... handing in an assignment. Heehee and will then be staying in London central tonight with my friend :) You just reminded me that I need to buy more tea, the weather really is picking up. Especially today, what a beautiful day it is. I like these posts. In a way if I miss any of your previous stuff I can catch up with your life from these. I hope your dress fitting goes well. xx

    1. I really do need to get some more tea in the house. I was just telling my sister today all the different teas I want to stock up in my cupboard for summer! Haha.
      Debi x

  2. Currently, I'm reading what your doing currently ;)
    This is a nice idea for a post (I think I said that last time haha). Maybe it's something to try myself, although it's a lot of verbs to fill up!

    1. Haha. Copy the list and then pick and choose which verbs you feel like answering? I worry that my answers might become a bit same-y quite quickly I'm such a dull person! Ha.
      Debi x


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