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May 06, 2014

When the lovely Annie wrote about her other half on her blog I just knew that I wanted to do this tag too. I don't know why I haven't shared too much about my other half in the past. In fact, I think he has only properly appeared on the blog twice in the past year! I think I like to let him have his privacy (not that you are all crazy stalkers or whatever) and so not disclosing too much about him here has always sort of made sense to me. Recently, however, I got thinking about how he would have to grace the blog again if and when I blog about my wedding day.

So here I am with just under three months to go until the big day, finally taking the time to properly introduce you to my best friend, my soulmate and my soon-to be-husband...

 photo 2011.jpg
Together in Regent's Park, London March 2011

1. What’s your other half’s name?
Kami. Well, technically that is is his nickname and despite the fact that his mum hates it, it's the name he likes best. It's all I've ever known him as.

2. Do you have a nickname for your other half?
Other than the normal sort of nicknames, I call him by his (soon to be my!) surname quite a bit or Mr T. I don't know why. It isn't as though he's a particularly manly-man who got called by his surname growing up or anything. I used to refer to him as Dustboy a long time ago as he is allergic to dust but I never even told him that until last week.

3. Does your other half have a nickname for you?
He calls me Debs a lot, especially when talking about me to other people.

Together in Salou, July 2009

4. How did you meet?
The first time that we properly met was in 2005 at my friend's (and his then-girlfriend) sixteenth birthday party.  There was an initial attraction on both sides but neither of us made anything of it. I didn't speak to him again for another month after the party which just so happened to be the day that they broke up!  For a while we spoke every day until he broke my heart when we then took a little bit of time and space from each other. After a lot of drama and mess we got together about six month after we first met. I should point out that during the weeks between her birthday and the break-up there was a big fall-out amongst our friendship group which had nothing to do with Kami so by the time we did get together I was no longer friends with his ex.

5. What’s your other half’s best personality feature?
I think he's a pretty fantastic guy all round but I would probably have to say how friendly and funny he is. He never fails to make me laugh even when I'm having a really bad day.

6. What’s your other half’s best physical feature?
I'm guessing I'm not really supposed to just say "everything" to this question? Well then, his arms and his eyes. When we first met he played a lot of guitar and had nicely defined arms. In fact, he promised to teach me guitar and that is how we first got chatting. He never did though. Now he doesn't play guitar as much but with work he has to do a lot of heavy lifting which means his arms are still all lovely. They make me feel safe and secure. Plus, he has gorgeous blue eyes and I always say that when we have kids I hope they have his eyes.
 photo kami2011.png
One off my favourite photos taken on the train home from London, 2011

7. What’s your other half’s worst personality feature?
Oh I don't know, the fact that he can be a bit self-deprecating, especially when talking about education and work. He doesn't always realise just how fantastic he is and it drives me crazy sometimes.

8. What’s your other half’s worst physical feature (if they have one at all)?
I suppose I would have to say his feet. There isn't really anything wrong with them specifically. I just don't like other people's feet so it isn't really his fault!

9. What would you change about your other half?
I don't think that there is too much I would change about him except from maybe being a bit more helpful around the house without being asked. In other words, not spending so much time on twitter or playing games. Honestly though, these are all things that make him who he is so I don't think I'd want to change them if I magically had the ability to do so! I love him just the way he is.

10. What would your other half say is your best and worst feature?
Over to Kami for this one: "You are fiercely loyal to those you love, and you don't always believe in yourself the way that you should."
I didn't really think this is what he would say. In fact, I thought that he would give me a bit of a silly answer but I love that he chose those features of my personality. He knows me so well.

11. What’s your other half’s favourite place in the world?
I think if I were to ask him right now he would probably say New York. America doesn't really appeal to me in terms of somewhere to visit but the other half has been to New York twice with his family and loved it.  He always says how much he would like to take me there.

 photo 2012.jpg
At my sister's wedding, October 2012

12. What’s your other half’s favourite thing to do?
Playing some kind of video game probably although I know he enjoys a good night spent on the couch with me watching movies too!

13. What’s your other half’s favourite movie?
I don't know that he actually has one. I know when he worked in a cinema he had "A Clockwork Orange" on his badge as his favourite film but I don't know if he would say the same thing now. I actually just asked him and I was right. He doesn't know what his favourite movie is!

14. What does your other half do for a living and what would be their dream job?
He works with his dad who owns a pipe supplies company. Recently he began doing deliveries so I guess you could say he was a delivery driver. I don't know whether or not it is necessarily his "dream" job but I know that he wanted to be a sound engineer for bands and live events but it never really came to fruition. He'd also work in IT but I think that would have more to do with it being something that he was skilled enough to do rather than him loving it.

15. If you could sum up your other half in 3 words what would you say?
Just three words?! Funny, loving and handsome.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my wonderful other half  today. I'm sure you'll see him featured a lot more in the coming months too.

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  1. Haha I think we all wish our men would do some more things about the house! I'd love Joe to pick up his dirty socks more that's for sure! Lovely to find out more about our fella - you look so good together in your photographs!

    1. Thank you :) We do match quite well. Haha. Yeah, me wanting him to tidy up and help around the house more isn't exactly unheard of in other relationships so at least I know I'm not alone there! It could be worse, at least he never lets it get too messy!
      Debi x

  2. Aw love it :) So lovely to 'meet' Mr T you both look so happy together. Love the picture of you both at your sisters wedding, he looks so proud to be with you :)

    1. That photo is probably one of my favourites of us together in almost nine years - even if I do look a little nervous and scared. Haha.
      Debi x

  3. I love this! I think I might do this for Kris haha.
    It's a never ending debate in our house of doing the housework but we are as bad as each other at not doing it.

    I can't wait for the wedding feature!

    1. That sounds good :) I'm good at doing the housework when Kami isn't at home but at the weekend I become as lay as him. I'm damned if I'm doing all the work while he lounges about playing games! Haha. Hopefully, the wedding feature will be awesome and I'll have some pretty photos :)
      Debi x


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