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May 23, 2014

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I feel like May has been a busy month for getting wedding tasks done which is probably a good thing too seeing as as of the first of June we will be two months away! I still don't understand how we've got to this point, why the year has to go so fast and I certainly have no idea how we are going to manage to get everything done in time.

It's true that the list of things to get done seems to be never ending but it has been awesome to be able to score a few more important things off the list...
1. Rings
After a little wobble, I was absolutely thrilled that my wedding ring will look good with my oddly shaped engagement ring which I didn't think would happen. Plus, when the other was happy to get a cheaper ring than we had budgeted for it allowed me to spend just a little more on my wedding ring meaning I could get the one I want. This seemed to be the last big thing that we still had to sort so it felt great to know I don't need to worry about them any more.

2. Dress Alterations
Well, my wedding dress and four out of my five bridesmaid dresses are all at the seamstresses now and so are completely out of my hands which is a little terrifying. I'm just so worried that they might mess them up!

3. Flowers
Choosing flowers was one of the most stressful things that I've done. I'm completely useless at making any sort of decision, especially when put under a bit of pressure. We decided to go with artificial flowers as they end up being a tonne cheaper than getting real ones for all of us. I settled on white and peach roses for the bridesmaids and orchids (which are my favourites) will be incorporated into my bouquet. We've still to assemble the bouquets but once we do I'll be sure to go a post on them.

4. Table Name Decorations
If you've been keeping up with my blog (or me on twitter) you will have seen the table decorations that I finally made. I am so happy with how they turned out. If I'm honest, I never thought that they would look so professional.

5. Cake Taste
We tasted the cake that we are going to have for our wedding and let me tell you it was absolutely delicious! We'll be having sponge cake and chocolate cake. I am obsessed with chocolate cake. I honestly would eat it all day, every day if it wouldn't make me the size of an elephant! So I was completely overjoyed when the other half got on board with us having a chocolate cake tier! I just have to talk about our design with the cake maker now and it'll be another thing complete.

As I say there is still a tonne of stuff to do and some of it is causing me more stress than I'd like to even admit to. I just hope that I can get most of the outstanding tasks done in June so that July doesn't become filled with wedding and wedding only.

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  1. Oh you have been busy this month, must be getting so exciting (and stressful) now. I've had a busy week trying to get appointments organised. Video is now booked, meeting photographer and decor lady in June and got a few other wee bits a bobs, trying to get the biggies booked early so we know what our budget is :)

    1. I'm afraid to say it hasn't been exciting for me in the slightest. I just keep say that I want it over and done with. Obviously I still want to get married - I just don't really want the wedding and all the hassle that's come with it. Sounds like you're on your way to being all organised in plenty of time!
      Debi x

    2. Yeah I think its helped that I have a long time to plan it so can do a couple of things each month and hopefully be less stressed in the lead up to the big day. But im with you, its the marriage I want but not the big wedding. My other half is the one excited about the wedding but I would have been happy to bugger off and do it then have a big party when we came back. I think each little thing I tick off my list helps though and keeping things as simple as possible, plus my dress - I am literally going through all this just for Paul and that dress lol x x

  2. Each update you make makes me glad I don't want a wedding, oh the drama, the worries and the work! Good on you though for ploughing through like a champ :)
    Cake tasting is by fare the most important.
    I always jokes with Kris, that if we were to get married, he would write these wonderful vows and read them out and I would be stood there going: "yeah, what he said" for mine ;) because I'm so romantic like that! haha

    1. I don't really want the wedding part, just the marriage bit. I don't quite understand all the people who talk about how wonderful wedding planning is. It's been he'll for me! Haha. We've still to decide what we are doing for vows but we'll probably just go with something pretty standard I think.
      Debi x


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