An Afternoon Walk

June 20, 2014

 photo Kilmardinnylochswan.jpg
 photo Kilmardinnyhedgehogs.jpg
 photo Kilmardinnyfox.jpg
 photo Kilmardinnylochswan.jpg
 photo kilmardinnyducks.jpg
 photo kilmardinnydrake2.jpg
 photo kilmardinnydrake.jpg

At the weekend we decided to jump in the car and find somewhere that we could take Roxie for a walk. Whilst it wasn't actually sunny it was dry and warm and in Scotland that's about the best you're going to get for the most part during summer. Therefore, I suggested a walk that we used to do when I was a child and, despite it being a ten minute drive from where we live, I haven't been there since I was about ten. In true blogger fashion I grabbed my camera and snapped away while we took our little stroll around the small loch.

I hope that we have more days with "good" weather and can go exploring more places with Roxie soon. There really is nothing better than a little drive and a lovely walk in the sunshine to clear your head!

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  1. I love all those carvings in the wood, very beautiful. We use to head to one of the nature reverses for a wander but now you need a special pass and yeah. The weather here isn't too corporative for walking most days, it's either thunderstorms/raining or too warm which is a shame because when its sunny it's beautiful.

    1. I love going for walks in nature reserves. They're so beautiful. We've had to be careful with picking the right time to go on a walk with the dog this last week because of the heat. Can't have Roxie overheating, especially seeing as she can be so fussy about not drinking her water unless she is at home!
      Debi x

  2. It's so nice to be back at home and I can finally catch up on my favourite blogs!

    Very nice supermarket haul btw! I miss ASDA, Kris and I would shop there all the time - Definitely my fav supermarket.
    I've not really been into the social media lately, I've been spending lots of time with my camera which I have enjoyed and attempting to spend quality time with Kris whilst avoiding too much family time... tis hard work.

    We enjoyed a nice walk around London yesterday, although my legs are regretting it right now!
    Mallards are my favourite duck :)

    Lovely to catch up with you and feel free to steal any ideas you want!!

    1. Well hello there!
      I love shopping at Asda. It's good quality for normally a pretty good price so I can't complain. I hope that we'll be seeing some of the photos that you've been taking soon!
      Debi x


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