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June 12, 2014

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The two loves of my life

In a mere seven weeks I will walk down the aisle to the love of my life and officially become Mrs T. After almost nine years, I can safely say that it has been a long time coming. 

Some people speak of that moment where they just knew that they'd found "the one". Stories of seeing the girl across the room and declaring (rather cockily) that she's the girl you're going to marry. We don't have that one moment in our relationship. I can't think of a specific moment in time that made me think "I'm going to marry him and we'll be together forever." All I know is from the very beginning I just couldn't envision my life without him.

Love and relationships are incredibly individual. The love I have for the other half will feel different to the love that you have for your significant other. Things that will drive you crazy about your other half, I've learnt to find endearing about mine.

So with that, I have decided it's about time I share some of the things that makes the other half so special and what love is to me. Because I'm soppy like that.

Love is...
that comfortable silence where neither of you feel the urge to speak because the silence is unbearable
listening to the other talk about something you know nothing about/have no interest in but it's important to them
walking the dog when it's cold and wet
watching trashy television programmes together
playing and learning new games together
knowing someone is in your corner, backing you up 100% no matter what
planning for years into the future
taking care of each other when we feel horrible
cinema trips with salted popcorn 
taking the bins out
laughing together 
someone who brings out the best version of you
accepting the good and bad, quirks and silliness
missing each other after only a couple of hours apart
not eating mushrooms at home because I hate the smell, taste and feel of them
tricking the other into thinking you shared the sweets equally when really they got the extra one
playing cheesy music and dancing about like no one is watching
comforting words at the worst moments
being best friends

Okay, so maybe this has been a little very cheesy but these are the little special things that make us work so well together. I hope that we have a very long life together ahead of us full of even more random little "loves".

 What is love to you?

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  1. I always dish the sweets up unevenly and I always get the extra one.

    Love is... Reading Kris's god damn thesis so many times even though it's so freaking boring. Then telling him it's kind of crap and helping him re write because I'm always the better writer :)

    1. Haha. I feel guilty if I get the extra one - I've no idea why though!
      You're definitely a good girlfriend doing that! Love is sometimes having to do something pretty dull for someone else!
      Debi x


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