I'm No Supermodel

June 24, 2014

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Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Hmm...

The other day while lying in bed (minds out of the gutter, please) the other half looked over at me and said the words, "You're gorgeous." With a bare-face and unwashed hair, lying in my pyjamas I couldn't have felt any less gorgeous if I had tried. Yet, here was the other half honestly telling me that he thought I was without a modicum of sarcasm. I think I gave a ladylike laugh snort and told him he was absolutely crazy.

But it sort of got me thinking about the whole idea of beauty. What is it about a person that makes them beautiful? What does society as a whole teach us is the ideal body and what can, or can not, be termed attractive?

There is a huge emphasis put on beauty and I think that many see beauty and success as being interlinked. Maybe it's just me but as girls, it seems like we are taught that compliments about how you look ("I love your shoes", "You're make-up looks so pretty!") is of more value than a compliment about your intelligence or accomplishments. In fact I'm struggling to think of a compliment I've received recently that wasn't to do with how I looked or what I was wearing. Don't get me wrong I like these compliments too but it does make me think about the emphasis we put on being attractive.

You only have to look at the magazines that line the shelves in your local newsagents to see the stereotypical (successful) beauties of our world. Slim girls with flawless skin, perfectly coiffed hair and a smile to kill and their toned, chiselled male counterparts fill every inch of the pages within. Any imperfections are covered with good make-up and lighting, and when that fails there's always airbrushing to tweak this or remove that.

Doing a spot of research, as I always do with these sorts of posts, I popped the words "gorgeous people" into google to see what the internet had to say about it. There was page after page of stunning girls all slim with gorgeous long hair interspersed with muscular men, all conforming to the stereotypical idea of beauty.

Here's a secret: some of them I just didn't find attractive.

That isn't to say that they were unattractive. It's just beauty is just a very personal thing. What I look for in a man isn't a set of rock-hard abs and the perfect amount of designer stubble. I don't think that all slender women with glossy, long hair are more beautiful than the hypothetical girl who sat on the seat in front of me on the bus, hair scraped back, make-up free. 

As a society we are continually bombarded with advertisements on how to become "more attractive". We are told it's possible to achieve the most flawless skin with this face wash or that foundation. Silky smooth hair or perfectly white teeth are completely achievable so long as you buy this, that and the next product. You aren't as skinny as runway models? No problem, just go on this diet, don't eat more than X number of calories and work out to within an inch of your life. 

The advertising companies are wrong. We don't need to conform to a specific size or weight to be desirable. We don't need to look a certain way to be attractive.

Time to get a little bit cheesy...

It is my sincere belief that if you have a good personality and are a nice person it will make you infinitely more attractive. In fact, I've found this to be entirely true with how I have perceived some people in my personal life. The more likeable you are as a person, the more attractive you are on the outside too. The stereotypical attributes that society have decided are required to make someone beautiful become irrelevant with a good personality.

You don't have to tell me that I'm no supermodel. My skin drives me mad most days. I don't have the most toned body in the world. I don't possess the most fantastic personality and honestly, I'm probably just a bit of an acquired taste on the attractive scale. Does that mean I'm not beautiful? Maybe to you but to the man I plan on spending the rest of my life with I'm beautiful despite all that. At the end of the day, isn't that all that matters?

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  1. Hey now, you'll always be a supermodel to me!

    I like that, "acquired taste", I think I fall well into this category too. I'm ok with that, actually, I love that because I don't get all that "pretty people" drama. As long as Kris is the only person that is acquiring the taste, I'm fine :)

    You know what, my favourite compliment to get is when people tell me they think I'm funny. Out right, my favourite compliment and when I get insecure I actually start asking Kris if he still thinks I'm funny ;) "and the standard 'do you think I look nice?" too.

    I wanted to tell that you have amazing eyes... but that's defeats the object of this post. So, I like your genetically determine eye shape and the pigmentation in your iris... that's sounds better ;)

    (We're all secret pyjama supermodels)

    1. I like that: being secret pyjama supermodels!
      You are funny! Your posts are normally written with some humour and you're always a hoot on twitter! :) I don't consider myself particularly funny so when the other half really laughs at something I've said or done I always immediately assume he's taking the piss! Haha. I get all self conscious about it.
      I like when someone compliments me about something I've done or when someone says that I'm clever. I'd much rather have intelligence than be society's definition of beautiful (not that the two are mutually exclusive of course). Well, at least that's what I tell myself ;)
      Debi x


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