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June 17, 2014

I skipped topic eleven of the 2014 Blogger Challenge which was meant to be on collections but I'm back for topic twelve! You know, just in case you were wondering or missed it!

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Any one who knows me is well aware that I am a planner so it is no real surprise that I like to plan my meals for the week at the weekend. Not only does this mean that we have the right items in the house, it also means that we are able to budget better as we aren't so tempted to buy a load of rubbish we don't need. Last year I wrote a post on shopping on a budget, just in case you're wondering.

Sadly this week I'm not making any fancy recipes that I haven't already shared on the blog. In fact, this week I am relying on jars of sauces and a wee bit more frozen food than I usually would. Hence the look at what we bought this week instead of some fancy-schmancy recipe. (I may have gotten this idea from the wonderful Kerri over at Blue Hair in Belgium!)

I should say that this was a fairly small (and not particularly healthy) "haul" as we already had a lot of what we needed in the freezer or cupboards. Here it goes...

Juice: Orange, Pressed Grape and Apple because fresh juice is tasty juice
Coffee: because some people keep visiting me for a coffee and a chat!
Grapes: because neither of us eat nearly enough fruit and we're trying to be better.
Yoghurt: my two favourite flavours at the moment - strawberry, and passion fruit, mango and papaya
Potatoes: for the tuna baked potatoes we plan on having this week
Tuna Chunks: see above
Sweetcorn: there really is only a limited amount of vegetables that I can get the other half to eat. Luckily we both love sweetcorn.
Scotch pies: because I feel like having a lazy week in terms of cooking and throwing these in the oven for fifteen minutes with some chips is ideal.
Lasagne sauces and pasta sheets: making a lazy lasagne this week. Normally I will make at least the tomato sauce for the mince with chopped tomatoes, shallots, basil etc. but this week I feel like being lazy.
Shallots: because in every kitchen there should be a bag.
Stork margarine: we didn't have any left.
Cream crackers: for lunches with cheese.
Noodles and pasta: for the lazy days
Jelly: for when I decide I want something sweet. Talking of sweets I really should by some gummy sweets and put them in the jelly!

We are having our wedding meal tasting on Friday which means that I'm just too late to use that as a post for the 2014 blogger challenge. I'll try to blog about it soon though - if I remember my camera! Until then I hope that this will suffice your nosiness about what I like to eat...

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This is the 2014 Blogger Challenge Topic Twelve: Meals
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