Birthday and Honeymoon Fashion Wish List

July 08, 2014

I haven't done a wish list in the longest time because, to be honest, I sort of went off them. I like to think that I am not a particularly materialistic person. I'm pretty good at making do with the clothes and items I've had since my teens so long as they aren't falling to bits. Honestly some of the things in my wardrobe are quite possibly nearing a decade old but I don't mind. Anyway, doing wish lists had suddenly felt very materialistic to me and so I stopped doing them.

However, with my birthday only a couple of weeks away (and fingers crossed a honeymoon at the end of September) I thought I'd allow myself to make a little wish list as it would be nice to treat myself after my birthday and before my first holiday abroad in five years. I certainly won't buy all of this. In fact, I probably won't buy any of it but it's nice all the same...
 photo Honeymoonbirthdaywishlist.jpg

I really, really want a hat this year for some reason and I'm totally loving this Stone and Mint Green Contrast Trim Straw Trilby from New Look (£4.99). I'm probably going to my hair cut after the wedding and I think that this hat would look cute with short waves. I'm also sort of love with playsuits although I've never even worn one. I honestly don't know if I would suit them but I like the

 photo honeymoonbirthday2.jpg
I'm a pretty big "Potterhead" even to this day and, yes, I am a Gryffindor so I really want to jump the bandwagon on these Gryffindor T-shirts from Primark (£6.00). Maybe a little bit lame but I really do want it! I'm also digging this Allie Large Grid Check Oversized Tee from Boohoo (£12.00) as I'm so bored of all my t-shirts at the minute. A new bikini is a must if we are going on a honeymoon and this one from Matalan, Paisley Print Twisted Bandeau Triangle Bikini Top (£6.00) and  Paisley Print Fold Over Bikini Bottoms (£5.00), is about the only one I actually like after an extensive search. Apparently, I'm very particular as to what I want in a bikini. I'm honestly a little disappointed that the bottoms aren't shorts but I love the pattern and top! Finally, no wish list would be complete without me wanting another pair of converse although this time I've opted for a pair from Deichmann and not actual converse as they are definitely much more bank balance friendly. I like the Mint Canvas Hi Tops (12.00) but I'd also have the purple ones they sell!

I also have a few books on my wish list but maybe that's a post for another time...

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  1. Hi. :)
    I nominated you for "The Liebster Award" so if you want to partecipate click on the link: .

    Have a nice day!xx

  2. I need a summer hat, my head always get too hot! I really like this one, especially with the mint green!
    I hate bikini shopping, I just don't do it. I'm really particular in what I want and in all honesty, I am never going to put it on and then go to the beach/pool or anything. So there's no point in buying one. I have the same black shorties and two bikini tops that I've had for the last 5 years... That's how much I hate it :) If I do buy something new, It's going to be one of those swimsuits in the retro design I think.

    1. I'm stupidly fussy over bikinis but with every other item of clothing in my wardrobe I don't really bother about. If it looks okay then I'll have it. Haha. I have had the same bikinis for about seven years but because they don't get worn much the all look almost new which is good. I think the reason I'm so picky probably has more to do with body confidence than anything else to be honest.
      Debi x


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