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July 11, 2014

You'll probably be pleased to hear that this is my last "Currently I'm..." post before the wedding so the little categories might have some more interesting answers in the future. That being said, it is me we are talking about so "interesting" cannot be guaranteed. 

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Reading… Lots of forms to do with the wedding
Playing… This past month I've played Backgammon, Cranium and Get It Wrong To Win because I'm so cool like that.
Watching… Not a lot to be honest. A bit of the World Cup has been on recently which sort of annoys me when it's on too much. Although I used to love it as a kid, we aren't really a household that has any real interest in football unless it's the World Cup apparently. I'd rather watch some rugby thanks.
Trying… Not to stress about all that still has to be done in the next three weeks.
Cooking… Nothing exciting tonight although I did make my own homemade soup this week that was damn tasty.
Eating… Probably too much junk food to be honest! Oops!

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Drinking… Lots of cucumber water. It actually amazes me just how willing I am to drink water when I add a bit of cucumber to it. I've struggled for years to drink water but in the last few weeks it's been easy!
Calling… The other half to remind him of all the things we still need to do.
Texting… My best friend about her coming up for the wedding
Pinning… Not a lot recently to be honest. I might go searching for the perfect haircut for after the wedding and before the (potential) honeymoon.
Tweeting... A load of nonsense as always
Crafting… Place cards, thank you cards and notes.
Doing… A lot of things that I have on my never-ending list like cutting the other half's hair, sorting out my passport form and arranging more meetings.
Going… For lovely walks with the other half and the pooch whenever the weather is nice enough. I promise one day I'll remember to take my camera and snap some pictures for a future blog post.
Loving… That my family are back from their holiday even if I am still insanely jealous that they just spent a week in Spain!
Hating… The stress!
Enjoying… Spending much needed time with the family.
Thinking… About that never-ending list and what I've got to do next! 
Feeling… A bit anxious.
Hoping… The next three weeks go a bit slower!
Listening (to)… The Frozen soundtrack and just about every song that we have decided to use for our wedding.
Celebrating… My sister's birthday next Friday, my 25th birthday next Saturday, my parents' anniversary the Saturday after that and then my wedding the Friday after that! Busy times ahead!

 photo CI33.jpg

Smelling… My perfume - Paul Smith Rose
Thanking… Everyone who has helped and supported me with this wedding.
Considering… Writing the place cards for the wedding
Finishing… The seating plan
Starting…To wonder what I'll do with my time after the wedding. Just reminisce?

What have you been up to?

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  1. Does cucumber water actually taste any different to plain water?

    1. It just tastes like cucumber to be honest which, in my opinion, is infinitely better than plain, boring water!
      Debi x


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