Monday Musings #27

July 07, 2014

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Instead of just having the regular Monday blues I am met with the stomach-churning feelings that come with knowing we are one week closer to the big day. *hyperventilates* Oh man.

I've definitely been keeping busy with a mixture of seeing two of my wonderful sisters and brother-in-law and wedding related things. For your information, I hate filling out forms! It's like taking an exam again - I don't want to get anything wrong. I'm enjoying keeping busy as it stops me incessantly worrying about things but it is making the time go faster. Not so good.

Anyway, on to this week's sample of questions...

What do you see when you look into the future?
Honestly, the future scares me. Thinking about how I am going to get from here to where I want to be is one of my triggers with anxiety. I know what I hope will happen but I don't much like to think about how to achieve it.

What makes you angry? Why?
I'm a pretty easy going person who likes to avoid confrontation at all costs so I try not to let too much make me angry. I think something that has really annoyed me in the past is other people's inability to let me come to a decision myself. It is true that I definitely like reassurance and guidance on a lot of things but I don't like having my choices questioned by someone who has no right to question them. I'm an adult now. I can do that myself - or with help from the people I ask.

What is the most valuable life lesson you learned from your parents?
They pretty much taught me never to give up. Life isn't always easy but if you have people and goals that are worth fighting for then it'll work out in the end. 

What are your favourite simple pleasures?
One of my favourite simple pleasures definitely has to be curling up on the couch, sandwiched between the dog and the other half, watching a movie and eating popcorn.. Absolute perfection.

How would you answer these questions?

Questions that I've answered in previous posts:
What does love feel like? Amazing. I recently wrote a post, Because I Don't Say It Enough,  which pretty much sums up what (romantic) love is to me.
If you could go back in time and tell a younger version of yourself one thing, what would you tell? Last year I wrote a Letter to My Teenage Self which tells you everything you need to know in answer to this question

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** Inspiration for this series came from Underland to Wonderland's Weekly Wonderings which also asks the same 365 questions found on this post on  Mark and Angel Hack Life.

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  1. Keeping busy is good, but yeah, when the time goes by it's hard to keep up. Forms suck! I always have to get two because I always mess something up.

    Ohh a simple please, I think a nice afternoon walk with Kris or a nice evening watching a film with the duvet on the sofa.

    1. I am so paranoid about filling out forms that I always get a spare and make sure to check it about five times before I send it away. I even get Kami to check it! Haha.
      Ooh, I love a duvet on the couch sort of day. So relaxing.
      Debi x


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