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July 04, 2014

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I am a constant worrier. Between wondering how on earth we have gotten to July already and counting down the days until the big day, I have a thousand and one little worries running through my head on a constant loop. Naturally I thought I would share all my wonderful neurosis with you!

I worry about...
1. Not managing to get everything on my ever-growing list done in time
2. I used to be worried that people would decline our invitations straight up but now I worry that a massive amount of people will cancel days before
3. Getting my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses back from being altered and seeing that they are all wrong
4. The wedding cars don't turn up  - or break down!
5. Tripping on my dress and falling flat on my face
6. Saying something stupid during the vows
7. The photographer doesn't turn up or takes terrible pictures
8. Ending up with photograph after photograph of me pulling awful faces by accident
9. Somebody causes an argument and there's an awkward atmosphere the entire day
10. Someone dropping the cake and, therefore no wedding cake for us
11. People hate the food or are generally mean about our day
12. Someone is really put out by the table plan and throws a hissy fit
13. That the DJ plays all the kind of music we don't like
14. Nobody dances and has a good time during the evening reception
15. Not necessarily wedding related but I worry that I can't get my passport in time to go on our (not yet booked) honeymoon when we want to.

I'm sure it'll all be fine...

It will all be fine...


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  1. I am sure everything will go as planned! And these are just details anyway, just remember that you will be marrying your best friend and it's all that matters :)

    Elodie x

    1. Yeah, I just keep reminding myself that no matter what happens during our wedding day that it'll all be worth it in the end :)
      Debi x

  2. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE!! Really, it's all about you, your lovely other half and the two of you together.

    Do you like the food? Do you like the venue? Do you like the photographer you've chosen? That's all that matters. That you say "Yes, I like this and I like that and I like this other thing". Everyone else, well screw them, they could have declined the invite if they didn't think they would have a good time.

    It only matters that you and Carl (am I right there?) have a great time and for the people that love you, that will be enough for them.

    It's all about the happiness of you two. Everyone else's happiness is optional.

    1. I am such a people pleaser that I sometimes forget that its okay to want to have things my way. I know that I should just say "screw you" to anyone who doesn't like what we've done (and I possibly will on the day) but at the moment I just want everything to be as perfect as possible. Probably unrealistic but oh well!
      Debi x


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