Monday Musings #33

August 18, 2014

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What is your saddest memory?
I try not to dwell on the sad moments in my life. Just like everyone else my life has had plenty of ups and downs, twists and turns but I do think that it is better for my mindset to let the sad things go and focus more on the good.

What would you like to change? 
About myself? It isn't so much that I'd want to change myself but perhaps improve on what are my already existing foundations. It would be nice to be able to accentuate some of my better qualities and eradicate the rubbish ones. I'd like to be more confident and less anxious all the time that's for sure!

What’s the best decision you’ve ever made? 
Going to a friend's birthday party aged fifteen. Without that night I highly doubt I'd be sitting here with a nine year relationship with the man who is now my husband. My whole life would be entirely different if I hadn't decided to go. It's scary to think that a lot of who I am as a person and where I am in my life right now is all down to one night back in 2005.

Right now, at this moment, what do you want most? What are you waiting for? 
Honestly, I just want my freaking passport. I've been waiting five weeks now and I'm sick to death of it. I just want to book a honeymoon and spend a week with my husband sunning ourselves by the pool or on the beach.

How are you writing your life’s story?
Slowly and with lots of lists.

How would you answer these questions?
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  1. I don't think I'm writing my life story, I'm too lazy for that :)

    1. Haha. I often think that it's just easier to go with the flow and see where it takes you in life. No time for writing a life story. Well, unless it's slowly and with lots of lists!
      Debi x

  2. Hmmm how are you writing your life's story is a hard question! I'd like to think mine was a bit of a memoir but it's probably a dull read in reality haha

  3. But you've moved from the UK to the US! That is exciting! Me? The furthest I've moved away from my parents is 4 miles although now I'm a crazy 2.5 miles away from them. Haha. There isn't too much excitement in my life story. Ha.
    Debi x


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