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August 26, 2014

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As I said in yesterday's post nothing beats a nice walk in the sunshine with the husband and the dog. I confess I don't have too many hobbies out side of blogging but going for a walk, exploring a new place is one of my favourite things to do.

On Saturday we went for a walk at Mugdock Country Park, a place I have been numerous times as both a child and an adult. The sun was shining so we popped in the car and headed off in search of a nice little stroll. Our leisurely stroll actually ended up being a quick-paced hour long walk through the park as we decided to take a path that I actually don't ever remember taking before. (I probably did when I was little but not in a really long time) The weather was gorgeous and the views were awesome but I was a pretty bad blogger and forgot to even take my camera. Maybe next time...

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When the sun decided to make an appearance for the second day in a row (what sorcery is this?!) the husband decided that we should just jump in the car, drive and find somewhere we had never been before to go for a walk. Now I'm not really the spontaneous type. Yes, I like to explore but at the drop of a hat?! Um... maybe not? But the husband twisted my arm (in the metaphorical sense) and we headed on out.

We ended up on the road to Edinburgh. Blame the husband who had a sudden hankering for Krispy Kreme! Driving along we noticed a sign for Polkemmet Country Park and exchanged a knowing look. Time for our little adventure.

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I know nothing about this country park other than it is the home of the Scottish Owl Centre which we obviously couldn't go into with the dog in tow. However there were a few paths that you could take so we chose a direction and off we went with no real idea of where it would lead us. The last time we did this at a park we didn't particularly know we ended up walking or two hours! Fortunately this time we had a nice little thirty minute wander around a bit of the park before going back to the car.

Not a terribly exciting adventure but hey, at least we got out the house. Right?

Where do you like to go for a walk? The beach? Town? Woodlands?
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  1. That looks a really nice place to get out for a walk. It's always good to come across random places on a drive too. Admittedly we don't get out to walk enough, being in the mid of the burbs, it's a bit of a drive out into the countryside so we have to make so with some of the local parks. Some of the cities have been selling them off though so we can't get to our favorite nature reverse without paying a huge annual fee which kinda sucks!

    1. What?! Paying to walk around a nature reserve? That sounds crazy. We like to explore free places as we're almost always skint! Haha. Going for a walk is such a stress reliever I think. I sort of feel like I can just forget about all my worries when I pop out somewhere with the husband and dog.
      Debi x

  2. I'm all for exploring and adventure but I like to know the night before, minimum. Even then, if it's something big, I'm likely to bail out because it's not enough notice. I am against changing any of my plans once they have been made, makes me very uncomfortable.

    I like a nice nature reserve for walking, this one looks nice! We usually head out to the fields that are about ten mins from the front of our house when we feel like a walk, each time we go, we try a different route :)

    1. I'm like this too. The only reason I was willing to go exploring on such a a whim was because it was with the husband. If it had been anyone else I'd have at least needed a couple of days to plan it! I do not deal well with spontaneity!
      Debi x


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