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September 03, 2014

Ah yes, writing on a Wednesday instead of a normal Tuesday. I'm a bit amazed at how out of sync I've been with this whole blogging malarkey since the wedding. I don't feel like I'm ever organised enough with it at the moment. 

Anyway, I thought it was about time for a catch up so here we go...

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READING… Nothing at the moment as I'm between books but I want to read the Divergent series soon as well as Clash of Kings by Gerorge R.R. Martin and the David Baldacci book that I got for my birthday called Hells Corner.
PLAYING… Not a whole lot really. The husband and I have been working our way through Rayman Legends on the Xbox recently though and we did enjoy a little game of Scrabble last night. We are so rock  n roll.
WATCHING… We decided to sign up for Netflix this month (woo-hoo for free months!) and so we have finished Orange is the New Black and are now watching American Horror Story. I've also been watching Life Unexpected by myself as it isn't something that the husband would be in to.
TRYING… To be more productive and keep the flat and housework under control a bit more.
COOKING… Nothing too exciting for dinner tonight although on Monday night I made some tasty garlic and herb chicken!
EATING… Digestive biscuits. Mmm.
DRINKING… A coffee. You know, to go with my digestive biscuits!
CALLING… No one because I don't have anything interesting to say this week.
TEXTING… The husband about nothing of any substance.
PINNING… Not a lot recently to be honest. I've been doing a bit of browsing on Pinterest but not so much actual pinning!
TWEETING... A little less than usual, I think.

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CRAFTING… Nothing yet but I do want to get started on putting together a wedding scrapbook (or two) soon and before long I'll also be starting some more of my Christmas signs if anyone is interested...?
DOING… Less than I probably should.
GOING… To miss the good weather for our lovely walks.
LOVING… That the wedding is all behind me and we finally have our honeymoon to look forward to.
HATING… That the husband is at work. I want human company!
ENJOYING… Striking a better balance of being productive with projects and housework as well as having some down-time to watch television or read.
THINKING… That I should probably write a list of all the things I want to take on holiday sometime soon so I don't end up packing the night before or forgetting to wash something that I want! 
FEELING… A mixture of excitement and anxiety about going on holiday.
HOPING… That I can sort out a few things that have been bothering me lately.
LISTENING (TO)… Jason Mraz's most recent album which includes the song we used for our first dance on Spotify. I may love it a little too much.
CELEBRATING… birthdays! This month it's my brother-in-law's birthday, my little sisters' 17th birthdays and the husband's gran's birthday. I still don't quite understand how my baby sisters can possibly be about to turn seventeen!

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SMELLING... My autumn perfume which is Flower by Kenzo.
THANKING… Everyone who has been lovely to me and supported me recently. 
CONSIDERING… What clothes to take on holiday.
FINISHING… All my thank you cards for the wedding gifts.
STARTING…To think about Christmas... Is that bad?

What have you been up to lately?
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  1. Yeah finding that housework come relax time balance is something i'm always working on, some weeks I can get it bang on and then the next, nope shattered! We have months were we watch netflix constantly but since we've moved we've barely watched it. Ebbs and flows.

  2. I wish I had more time at home to get more housework done tbh. mmm garlic chicken sounds good!


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