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September 09, 2014

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Plesiosaur Fossilised Skeleton 

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False Killer Whale (Pseudorca Crassidens) 

 photo Hunterian3.jpg
Dire Wolf Skeleton 
 photo Hunterian4.jpg
 Diplodocus Leg 

The Hunterian Museum can be found in one of beautiful buildings of the University of Glasgow's main campus in the west end of the city. Housing exhibits on scientific instruments, the Romans in Scotland, medicine and anatomy, and perhaps most excitingly a little exhibit on dinosaurs this small museum is a perfect way to spend an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon. At least, the husband and I thought so!

Whilst a lot of the anatomy exhibits left the husband squeamish and myself morbidly curious, the other exhibits were pretty fascinating. The Hunterian in Glasgow also has an Anatomy Museum which can be visited Monday to Friday by appointment only as it is used for teaching in the university. I think the morbid side of me would be intrigued by a visit here but the husband is far too much of a wimp!  

Being a massive dinosaur fan, especially as a child, I was pretty thrilled with the small collection of skeletons and fossils that they had. The diplodocus was (is) one of favourite dinosaurs and so it was pretty cool to see its leg, particularly as it gives you a sense of just how massive these creatures must of been.

From a blogger's perspective the only downside of our trip was a lot of the exhibits were too dark for taking photos! Then again, you might not have enjoyed seeing the weird taxidermy or human organs quite as much as I've enjoyed sharing the photos of pretty rad skeletons!

What kind of museums do you like to visit?
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  1. Wow that's a museum!? I'm pretty sure there aren't any museums like that around me... lol It's really beautiful and the dinosaurs are awesome! My niece is currently obsessed with them (the cute dinosaurs at least) and I think it'd be sooo interesting to see the skeletons in person!


    1. The museum is a part of Glasgow University so really it's only like a floor in the building while a lot of the other rooms are used for other things. I'm not exactly sure what though! It's a gorgeous building. I've always been a bit of a dinosaur geek but I really loved them when I was little. I've convinced the husband that when we if and when we have children to let me decorate the nursery with cute little dinosaurs! Haha.
      Debi x

  2. That Plesiosaur is amazing! You know how to make me happy with dinosaurs! NAtural history museums are a fav for me. But also medical ones, there's a museum in Amsterdam, Kris and I are planning on going to, which is a medical museum. We're also planning a trip to a zoology museum in Liege sometime and maybe a trip to a castle whilst we're there :)

    Love these photos!!

    1. Medical museums would, unfortunately, freak the husband out too much. As I said, I'm morbidly curious about stuff like that but he is too squeamish! I love a good wander around a museum. History in all forms has always been a pretty big interest of mine.
      Debi x

  3. Look at the size of that leg! Oh wow. Joe loves museums like this, I do too but for some reasons i feel so overwhelmed visiting them, I just can't imagine things like Dinosaurs and huge animals roaming around. We buy our nephews lots of dinosaur books - they look anything dinosaur related at the moment, especially if it comes from Uncle Joe lol. As for me, I love historical museums and castles.

    1. The leg was enormous. I could only begin to imagine how big that would actually make the diplodocus if it was full size. Mind boggling! I hope to inject some of my passion for dinosaurs into any future kids that we may have. My eldest nephew is three and is only really into trains which is cool but I'm like, "dude have you heard of dinosaurs?" Haha. Maybe I can work on the littlest one. Maybe some dinosaur stuff is required as a first birthday present next month...
      Debi x


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