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September 05, 2014

I saw this post over on the wonderful Rachael's blog the other day and knew that I wanted to do it myself. There's nothing like a bit of self-reflection for a Friday plus if you are anything like me I'm sure you'll enjoy a wee nosey into who I am as a person with this one.

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  • I sort of like the smell of wet dog, not the just out of the rain kind of wet dog but the I've just had a bath kind.
  • I hate answering and talking on the phone.
  • I don't like beef except from beef mince.
  • I'd rather stay in on the couch with the dog and husband than socialise.
  • I'm afraid of swans and ants.
  • That's just who I am.
  • I don't text as much as I used to.
  • I'm useless at making plans to do something.
  • I'm not always good at opening up.
  • I am always here to listen.
  • I try to give my best advice and help whenever I'm needed, whatever the situation.
  • I'm loyal and trustworthy. If you're good to me I'll defend you to the ends of the earth and your secrets are safe with me.
  • I want to see them succeed and be happy.
  • The husband is at work and I really love having him home with me.
  • We can't always afford the things that we want and I feel like that's mainly my fault.
  • I have a tonne of blog ideas but can't seem to articulate them as well as I want to.
  • I feel like my blog has reached it's peak already.
  • I want a puppy but I know I can't have one because it is impractical in our flat, unfair on Roxie and my family would kill me.
  • It's Friday which means that it's almost the weekend.
  • The rugby season starts tomorrow which means I get to hang out with my family.
  • I'm finally getting to go on holiday and I can't wait to pack. I love packing for holidays.
  • I've found my reading mojo again.
  • I have some pretty damn incredible people in my life.
  • The rugby season starting tomorrow.
  • My honeymoon to Portugal in just under a month.
  • Candles and snuggly jumpers as autumn and winter really kick in.
  • Getting crafty with wedding scrapbooks and wooden signs.
  • Spending some much needed time with the husband and family.
  • Dying my hair back to red again soon.

What about you? Why are you [insert word here] today?
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  1. Snap on the beef - I can't eat it other than as mince I will be honest. Glad to see you took the tag and made it your own too! And I know only so well about that feeling about rather being on the sofa than going out!

    1. Haha. The husband thinks I'm crazy for not eating roast beef or steak or whatever but I just don't like it! A night on the couch is always the better option for me! Haha.
      Debi x

  2. I like beef! I loved this idea, and I will definitely do it myself when I get around to it, so in a few months haha. I think this little space has so much potential, but I secretly want to keep you all to myself (and Rachael) ;)

    1. Aww thanks. I don't want to become a "big blogger" or anything but I do feel as though my blog is stagnating at the moment in terms of the quality and variety of content. It's a bummer! Haha.
      Debi x

  3. Great post to write:)

    I have a little surprise for you and your great blog, it's a Liebster Award that I hope you would like to get. You can read more here: http://www.prettyinterior.com/uncategorized/liebster-award/

  4. I don't like answering the phone either! and laying on couch with my husband sounds way more fun than socializing... haha! Glad you are going off on vacation, I hope you have fun! :)


    1. I don't know why answering the phone is so scary but it just is! Haha.
      Debi x

  5. I hate answering the phone too! When it's an unknown number I panic! I also know what you mean about your blog, I feel like mine has just stayed the same for so long and I want to improve it! I'm trying to work harder on it but with university looming not sure how I'm going to! x
    amber love

    1. Yup! The panic sets in as soon as I realise I have no idea who wants to talk to me! Who knew answering the phone freaked so many people out! As for the blog I'm trying my best but I guess it just isn't for some people and that cool. I just want to be a better writer and photographer! I'd hate to have to work out a blog/university/work/life balance.
      Debi x


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