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September 30, 2014

I always enjoy a good "what's in my bag" post but as I don't normally carry a bag about with my other than stuff for my dog, Roxie, I've never had a reason to do one. I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in seeing countless doggy bags, toys and treats that clutter up any bag I would take out anywhere with me. A post about my hand luggage essentials however is completely different.
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COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE - It's always nice to have something that you can just flick through on the flight or when you are waiting to board the plane.
PAPERWORK WALLET - Despite the fact it only has our passports in it right now it is my intention to fill this with our flight tickets, hotel confirmation and travel insurance documents. We just haven't printed them off yet!
CAMERA - I have a Nikon Coolpix S6500 which was obviously in use while taking this photo but it most definitely will be coming with me. With valuables like this, I feel much better knowing that I have them on me rather than in my case! Plus, you never know when there'll be a good photo opportunity!
PHONE - Need I say anything about my really, really old phone?
CHARGERS - Again, I always feel better knowing that I have my camera charger and phone charger with me. 
BOOK - Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I've already read this book but as the film is meant to be released in November I thought I would re-read it while we are away. I do plan on taking another book in my suitcase but I haven't decided what to take yet.
MEDICINES - I hate getting a headache and not being able to do anything about it so it makes sense to take a pack of ibuprofen and paracetamol in my bag. 
HAND SANITISER & HAND CREAM - I always like to have a hand sanitiser, Carex Complete Sensitive, and a good hand cream, L'Occitane, in my bag as you never know when they'll come in handy. See what I did there?
SADDLER WALLET - I love this bright purple wallet that I got for my birthday from my in-laws. Hopefully it'll be filled with euros for going away!

I may even through in a pashmina that I plan on taking on holiday because I know just how chilly a plane trip can be. It all really depends on what bag I decide to use. Another decision I have still to make!

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  1. Oh I always over pack in these kind of situations, I always end up taking notebooks, books, magazines and newspapers and then up barely touching any of them. My patience isn't the best at normal times but I just loose all patience on planes and nothing can hold my attention lol.

    1. I almost like flying purely for the fact that it forces me to read. The husband is the kind of person who finds it easy to sleep on a plane while I don't so it's the perfect opportunity to read :)
      Debi x

  2. My hand luggage is always stupidly full. I always pack chargers in the hand luggage, and then a bunch of other stupid stuff. Sweets, painkillers, my ipod is an essential thing. I tend not to read because I like to look out of the window, so I always got for music.

    1. I actually own nothing that I can play music on now - no ipods or whatever so listening to music is never really an option for me. It's so easy to over pack, isn't it? You can't help but think "but I might need that".
      Debi x


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