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September 18, 2014

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Stress. We've all suffered from it at one point or another. Whether it has been due to the overwhelming pressure to complete too much work before a deadline or worrying about your financial situation stress creeps into our lives and makes us feel pretty awful.

We all know I'm a stress-head. I used to stress about school work, tests and exams when I was younger. That coupled with anxiety made most of my teenage years pretty damn difficult. More recently, the wedding took a lot out of me and left me feeling so overwhelmed that in the last six months I've probably had more bad days than good. I'm already stressing about the honeymoon when really I should be excited. There's too much to organise!

After letting stress rule my life for the last six months I have begun to try to alleviate my stress in a number of ways. I'm not necessarily sure that it works all the time but, hey, I'm willing to try! Here's what I've been doing...

Meditation & Yoga
This is perfect if you're feeling overwhelmed at home and can take ten minutes out from whatever you are doing to just breathe. I mentioned using meditation before in the last few weeks in the run up to the wedding and found it to be pretty helpful. I just try to relax all my muscles, close my eyes, empty my mind and focus solely on my breathing. Occasionally if I have the time or inclination I will also do fifteen minutes of simple yoga. There's plenty of yoga tutorials online to watch and copy.

Listen to Music or Read
I find that listening to music or reading can really help me to de-stress. For me, music and books helps me to be transported out of my world, my head and my thoughts and into someone else's. By focusing on something else entirely, I'm usually able to shut out the thoughts and things that are stressing me out. I used to use music to help me study for exams and play the same music right before the exam to calm me down.

Drink Green Tea
I love a cup of coffee (or three) but caffeine isn't so good for stress and anxiety levels. Therefore I like to swap at least a cup of coffee for green tea instead. At night I also enjoy a peppermint tea which I find really soothing and calming.

List Making 
This isn't quite a way to de-stress but I find making a list of things I need to get done helps lessen my stress levels. Seeing all my various tasks written down helps me to have a better grasp of what is really a priority and what can wait. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than scoring out something you have completed.

How do you de-stress?

For those of you thinking "hey! I read this post on Monday!" blogger very rudely posted it despite the fact I had it scheduled for today. How I don't know but it did and I was annoyed. So it was popped back in drafts and is back again today. Sorry!

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  1. Making a list also helps me... seeing everything you have to do on paper makes it easier to stay focused. I haven't tried meditation or yoga... But I bet those are excellent ways to de-stress! I'm going to go find some yoga tutorials on YouTube now, hehe. Oh! And definitely music! Music always helps for every situation... Music is awesome! :D


    1. Exactly. Being able to see everything that needs to be done on a list and work through it just makes it easier to prioritise. I haven't done much yoga in a while but I usually end up meditating for ten to fifteen minutes a couple of days a week. It's always good to take a breather.
      Debi x


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