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October 31, 2014

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For a while now I've been thinking about starting a new feature where I can introduce you to a few of my favourite blogs. Whilst I love reading blogs I have become bit lazy with commenting and keeping up to date recently and so it makes sense to me to make this a monthly feature. That way I can compile my favourite bits from my favourite blogs in the past month and share them with you. Sound good? Great.

Let's get started then, shall we?

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Along with a couple of others which will be featured in the month's to come Crumbs in the Bed is one of my absolute favourites. Written by the bright-haired Kerri, a British expat living in Belgium with her boyfriend, this blog is a beautiful little space on the internet. Filled with simple, yummy recipes that have my stomach grumbling for food and gorgeous outfit posts that make me wish I had some sort of style that included something more interesting than jeans, Crumbs in the Bed is one of those blogs that you just can't resist coming back to time and time again.

Her lifestyle posts where she documents days out leave me envious of all the lovely, interesting places that she visits. I also have to admire her ability to successfully complete the 1 Day 12 Pics challenge on numerous occasions. Despite trying several times myself I've yet to manage this!

What makes this little space on the internet even better is the lovely way that Kerri interacts with her readers in the comments as well as on twitter. She's such a lovely, honest girl and this definitely comes across on her blog with her conversational style of writing.

Here are just a few of my favourite POSTS from October:
And we can't forget the LINKS for more Kerri!

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  1. This absolutely made my morning, my day and my night!! Thank you so so much!

    I can't even think of anything to say, apart from a big fat thanks!

  2. P.S - I'll be sure to send those cupcakes right away :)

    1. Haha. You're welcome. You know you and your blog are one on of my favourites! I'm eagerly awaiting those cupcakes now ;)
      Debi x

  3. Oh my sarky expat twitter partner in crime. Excellent choice. Although I blame Kerri's blog for now dirty the computer screen is from all the times I spit food out from giggling while reading her posts ;)

    1. Haha. I know. I genuinely laugh out loud at some of Kerri's blog posts. Oh, how I wish I had that sarky witticism down but I don't!
      Debi x


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