Sunset in the Monchique Mountains, the Algarve

October 21, 2014

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With our trip to Portugal being not only our honeymoon but our first holiday abroad just the two of us, without families, we wanted to do something special and memorable whilst we were there. We had toyed with the idea of doing a boat trip to go dolphin spotting but after seeing the little boats used for these trips we decided against it. I'm pretty much a scaredy cat when it comes to water and not even the reassurance of a life jacket was enough to tempt me into giving it a shot. Therefore when we heard that there was a sunset tour through the Algarve's highest mountains we figured it would be a perfect way to do something special whilst seeing a bit more of Portugal - and staying 100% dry!

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 Silves in the distance

Picked up at 3.15pm in a 4x4 with another couple by our tour guide we were driven into the Monchique Mountains where we took the minor roads through the mountains to the highest point (902m) to watch the sunset. There were about eight 4x4s on our tour and about 50 tourists in total but being in the car with only one other couple meant the tour felt intimate and unique. We made a few stops along the way which included a viewpoint that allowed us look over Silves which was the former capital and has a large Moroccan influence from when the "Moors" invaded (from what I can gather) in the 8th Century. We also stopped at a fresh water spring and the reservoir that can be found in the middle of the mountains.

After seeing a lot of dusty landscapes on our journey from the airport in Faro to our hotel in Lagos, it surprised me to see such luscious, green mountains that could grow anything from pomegranates and mint to lemon and fig trees. Whilst the mountain range has many farms, including goats and cows, cork is a large industry for the mountain whilst eucalyptus leaves are used for their oils in medicines.

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Beautiful tile work depicting the trades on the mountain in Alferce 

We passed through little traditional mountain villages where there was a real sense of community and stopped in Alferce. Narrow streets that barely allowed a car to pass through them were lined with beautiful little houses trimmed in the traditional Algarvian colours of blue for the sea and yellow for the sun.

Reaching the top of the mountain we watched the sunset with a glass of champagne in hand, marvelling in the beauty of the world. The view was breathtaking. The sky changing colour several times over in the space of about half an hour was incredible to watch. It might have been a tiny bit romantic too!

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After our long trip into the mountain and watching the sun set from an incredible vantage point we carried on down the mountain to a little restaurant where we were served a five course meal. Filling ourselves up on sausage, cheese and bread, soup, salad, the most incredible slow roasted pork and potatoes and mango mousse while sipping on some wine was a perfect way to end the evening. Although I'm not sure the traditional Portuguese drink of Firewater (Aguardient de Medrohnas) was particularly liked by anyone. To be honest, I took the tiniest sip and thought it tasted somewhat like white spirit. Not that I've ever drank white spirit but what I imagine that would taste like!

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Arriving back at our hotel about 11.30pm, I was glad we had ventured into another bit of the Algarve rather than just staying at the coast. I'm sure I'll have the memories of the beautiful sunset with my new husband on the highest mountain in the Algarve forever.

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  1. Wow what a sunset and experience and the views both day and night are stunning! It's always great to get away from those big tourist traps, I think you get to experience and see a glimpse of the real communities and sense of the country away from all the commercialism. Sounds like a perfect honeymoon treat!

    1. It was a really nice way to spend a few hours and get away from the tourist traps that are along the coast. It was so interesting to see "the other side" of the Algarve plus the sunset was so beautiful. Money well spent!
      Debi x

  2. I love those photos, what a beautiful view! Looks like a great experience too. Definitely something Kris and I would love to do.

    1. It was fantastic. We'd never watched the sun set together before, let alone on a mountain, so it was a lovely thing to do on our honeymoon. I'm pretty pleased with the photos although I do wish I'd taken more now! Haha.
      Debi x


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