LIFE: October In Photos

November 04, 2014

 photo WeekOne.jpg
1st October - 7th October
Saying goodbye to this furry face | Hotel room | Sunset in the Monchique Mountains | Lagos Marina | Wedding rings on the beach | Selfie at the Lagos fountains | Calm on the waterfront

 photo WeekTwo.jpg
8th October - 14th October
Lagos town centre | Frost on the plane window | Welcome to Autumn | Roxie driving us to my sister's house for a sleepover | Sleepy pup | Cosy slipper socks are a life saver | Collection of bracelets from Portugal (one from Benidorm)

 photo WeekThree.jpg
15th October - 21st October
Reading about some Russian history | Cinnamon pancake and coffee for breakfast | Roxie playing with her Portugal rugby ball | Bringing back her Spanish ball to me | Dinosaurs for my youngest nephew's birthday| Blogmas ideas and planning | Morning cuddle time
 photo WeekFour.jpg
22nd October - 28th October
Flavoured hot chocolate | Husband's Gundam model | Tealights | Loving these Neutrogena creams | Painted nails and pretty rings | Cosy Canterbury joggies (yeah I have style!) | Sorting through the shells from Portugal

 photo Week5.jpg
29th October - 31st October 
Feeling like a Gryffindor | Tasty Jelly Beans | New haircut

October has come and gone and left some lovely memories in its wake. Undeniably the start of the month was the most exciting. Getting to spend a week in sunny Portugal for our honeymoon was possibly the best way I've ever welcomed Autumn in. Since then it has been cosy jumpers and candles in our house and now that November is here... Well, I might just have to get started on Christmas!
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  1. Looks like you had a great month! I'm so excited for Christmas. I don't put the Christmas decor up until after Thanksgiving but I secretly want to start listening to Christmas music already! :D


    1. I always set a rule that I can't put up the decorations or listen to Christmas music until the 1st of December at the earliest. That doesn't mean I can't do some Christmas shopping and get more decorations though ;) December is going to be so busy this year for me that I better get prepared soon!
      Debi x

  2. Gryffindor tee. Win. New haircut. Win. Pancakes. Win. Doggy faces. Win. You're a winner :)

    I'm still torn about blogmas, but I think I'd really like to do it and it seems like a good time. We can be blogmas buddies! You know you wanna be!

    1. Why thank you, I do try to be a winner. I hear it's much better than being a loser after all ;) You should totally do blogmas and we can be buddies :)
      Debi x

  3. Oh man I could do with some of that sunshine right about now! Loving your new hair cut too - very pretty! I should, well I keep meaning to start Christmas shopping, but it's not really happening just yet :s

    1. I totally miss the sunshine. It's so dark and dismal right now it makes me sad. I made a little dent in my Christmas shopping yesterday so I'm feeling more positive on that front now!
      Debi x


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