Monday Musings #47

November 24, 2014

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We're into the last week of November which means from next Monday we'll be entirely encompassed by Christmas which is totally exciting. It's the husband's birthday on Thursday first though so I have to hold off on all my Christmas cheer until after then. I am officially attempting blogmas this year and posting every day up until Christmas. I've already started planning a few posts but wish me luck all the same!

Anyway, onto this week's head scratching questions... 

What bad habits do you want to break?
I'd like to say that I don't have any bad habits but we all know that everyone does.

What is your favourite place on Earth?
As opposed to where? Mars?! I don't think that there has ever been a place in the world where I've thought, "Yes, this is the place I belong. This is my favourite place in the whole entire world." Well, except from home surrounded by the people I love most. It may be a little clichéd but it's true. Pass the bucket.
What do you love to practice? 
Honestly I don't really have anything that I have to practice. That doesn't mean I'm perfect and everything I do doesn't need any work but practice doesn't seem like the right choice of word here.

What questions do you often ask yourself?
"How am I going to get from where I am now to point B, C or D?" and "What the hell am I doing with my life?" are probably the questions I ask myself most frequently!

What are you an expert at?
I'm pretty much a Jack of all trades, a master of none. I don't think I could call myself an expert of anything!

How would an extra $1000 a month change your life?
A $1000 is about £630 which would make a huge difference in our lives. Instead of living month to month like we do at the moment we'd have enough money to put aside for our next mortgage as well as to offset the cost of starting a family. Plus I think I'd treat myself and the husband a little more to new things we want as well as dinner and cinema trips. 

What things in life should always be free?
The good things in life like love and happiness.

How would you answer this week's questions?

** Inspiration for this series came from Underland to Wonderland's Weekly Wonderings which also asks the same 365 questions found on this post on  Mark and Angel Hack Life.
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  1. Good luck with blogmas! We can cheer each other on :)

    Maybe your bad habit can be deny that you don't have any bad habits!

    1. Good luck with blogmas! Can't wait to read all your posts! I've already sorted most of week one. Hells yeah for scheduling!
      Debi x

  2. Hmmm an extra $1000 would be grand wouldn't it?! That would cover our mortgage, car repayment and some of the boring bills every month, so we'd actually have money, to ya know, actually have fun lol

    Good luck with blogmas, I think I would be stumped for ideas after a week in!

    1. I would love all that extra money. I'm not sure that I'd actually know what to do with it. Haha. Is it totally lame that I've got ideas for every day in blogmas already? It's just a case of taking the right pictures and doing some writing. Organised!
      Debi x


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