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December 30, 2014

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*insert some typical blogger comment about how quickly the year has passed*

I think that  a super nice way to finish of the year is to give you my Blog of the Month post for December. With so many people taking part in blogmas and the sheer number of posts on my bloglovin feed this December it made it hard to choose a blog to feature. Therefore I simply went with one that I've enjoyed for a really long time and I think that you will too.

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WATER PAINTED DREAMS is written by the lovely Hayley and I've easily been enjoying this little space on the internet for over a year now. Hayley describes herself as "a Scottish chemistry student with a penchant for reading, crocheting and blogging" and she definitely shares her hobbies in engaging blog posts!

As a book lover myself, albeit one that struggles to make time for reading, I absolutely love the book reviews Hayley shares as wells as her BOOK RAINBOW SERIES in which she talks about her favourite books of the same colour. She also wrote about the GHOST WRITING CONTROVERSY of the Zoella book, Girl Online, which I think sums up the way a lot of the blogging community felt about the whole drama.

Whilst books are a big part of Hayley's blog, I also love her THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY and some of her OOTD are just so cute! Honestly, I'm always jealous of other lifestyle bloggers who are able to take nice OOTD. I unfortunately have no style! Along with the occasional beauty review, she also does a spot of crocheting and I absolutely love these ELEPHANTS as they are just too cute!

As always, one of the things that really makes a good blog for me is the interaction of said blogger on other social media and here Hayley doesn't disappoint either. She's a lovely girl with a fantastic style of writing which makes it easy to get lost in her blog for hours. I'm sure that so long as she continues to blog then I'll continue to be a reader!

Here are just a few of my favourite POSTS from December:
 And we can't forget to include the all important LINKS for Hayley!
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  1. I just found her blog a few weeks ago and I love it!


  2. I love that you do blog features, it's great to discover new blogs. :)


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