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December 07, 2014

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Reading… Nothing at the moment. I've just finished re-reading Mockingjay and I'm hopeful of getting some more books for Christmas. In the new year I hope to read at least a couple of books a month and maybe do some reviews but no promises!
Playing… The husband and I have been playing Advanced Warfare and the odd game of Carcassonne recently. I do fancy a game of Dominion sometime soon too.
Trying… To finalise everything for Christmas. I've really struggled with sorting out ideas for presents this year. It's driving me mad.
Cooking… Too much pasta.
Eating… Too much pasta.
Drinking… Peppermint tea. Yum!
Tweeting... A lot of nonsense as always.
Going… To see my little sisters' pantomime this Sunday and I cannot freaking wait.

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Loving… Beautiful winter sunsets.
Hating… Dark, cold mornings.
Wishing... For next year to be absolutely amazing.
Wanting... To finish my Christmas shopping by next weekend.
Enjoying… Doing blogmas this year. I'm surprised by how well it's going so far and the fact that I've still got a tonne of ideas. I don't know where I'd be without the miracle that is scheduling though. Definitely wouldn't be possible otherwise.
Sorting... Well it wouldn't be my life. I'll leave that until January. Right now I'm sorting out the Christmas presents I've already got and working out what I still need to get.
Thinking… I better get cracking with my Christmas wrapping soon.
Deciding... Whether or not to cut my hair an extra half inch just before Christmas.
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Feeling… Festive.
Hoping… That by some miracle I think of something to buy my husband for Christmas.
Listening (to)… A lot of Rilo Kiley lately.
Celebrating… My mother-in-law's birthday with a weekend trip away!
Considering… starting to compile my highlights of 2014 for my recap post at the end of the month.
Opening... Lots of Christmas cards addressed to Mr and Mrs T. for the first year.
Wondering... If I should buy some mince pies this week. 
Wearing... At time of writing: jeans, a navy t-shirt and blue hoodie. Oh and my cosy slipper socks.
Finishing… This blog post!
Starting… To look forward to 2015!

I'm just home from a little weekend trip away for my mother-in-law's birthday and so I thought that this would be the perfect time for one of these posts. I threw in some new verbs this time around. Did you notice?
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  1. Ah love this! I think I may steal the format for my next life update. I have been enjoying blogmas too this year, I was worried I would run out of ideas but it is all going swimmingly - I also need to start doing my end of 2014 posts too, a job for when I finally finish work I think! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I'm worried that I run out of post ideas for next week. So far I'm doing okay though! I think putting together the end of 2014 post is going to be quite a substantial task. I really should get started on it soon.
      Debi x

  2. There's no such thing as too much pasta!

    I'm totally stealing some of these extra verbs too!

    1. Pasta is genuinely my favourite thing ever - and versatile too. I could eat it every single day and never get tired of it!
      Debi x

  3. Aww Roxie looks awesome in her santa's hat! i'm trying to get my Christmas shopping done but it's not going to well, really need to get on top of it this week. I did get all the ingredients for my small Xmas cake that I hope to bake, there is always that!

    1. She's so cute, right? Haha. I keep saying that I need to finish my Christmas shopping and then doing nothing about it although I think that tonight and tomorrow evening the plan is to try and get a heap more done. Who knows though!
      Debi x


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