BLOGMAS: Dear Winter

December 13, 2014

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Dear Winter,

Well you've most definitely made your presence abundantly clear this week with the stormy weather and sleet that you've brought crashing into my little world. Despite not seeing eye to eye with your sister, Autumn, the moment that you arrive I'm almost sorry to see her go. You don't exactly make a good first impression. I'm suddenly very cold and most days you force me to add another two layers to my outfit leaving me looking somewhat like a marshmallow. It's not a good look, I can assure you.

When you show up, suitcase in hand, here for the long haul I can't help but be a little irritated. My mood dips and I become far more inclined to stay indoors wrapped in the duvet than venture out into the cold beauty of the world. There isn't the same array of colours that your sisters bring and that I love. Everything is stripped bare. Bright blue skies become few and far between, replaced with dark storm clouds and gale force winds. The world just looks bleaker whenever you arrive and I guess my mood mirrors that.

In your defence you do give us the shortest day of the year which means that you spend the majority of your stay trying to give us back the light that we miss. I suppose we really should thank you for that.

You arrive and I complain like you're some unwanted guest who won't leave despite me being really busy. Yet, there's something about you that I like. You grow on me each year and it always surprises me how much I actually like you.

Maybe it's the fact that you bring Christmas to our doors with presents, family time and more food than I could ever possibly eat in tow. Hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows, mince pies and turkey are consumed and it's almost as if you encourage eating too much food. Sometimes I think that all you're here for is to remind us that it's okay to have lazy days watching television with the duvet wrapped tightly around us, candles flickering in the dark.

I love looking out to the world when you've brought a layer of frost or snow to our streets, stripping away the bleakness and replacing it with flawless blankets of white. The way the snowflakes float from the sky in some beautifully choreographed dance as they make their way twirling to the ground can leave me mesmerised for hours. Just don't give us too much of the white stuff like in 2010. I'd still like to be able to leave my house, thank you very much.

I know we have a love/hate relationship, Winter, but honestly I'm sort of glad that you are here. Just don't misbehave this year, okay?

Debi x
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  1. I'm quite enjoying the winter this year, it's not too cold yet, but I'm hoping for a little snow still :)

    1. Ugh, I am not liking the cold whatsoever. I'd love if winter could be just a little warmer with a day or two of snow. That would be perfect!
      Debi x


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