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December 17, 2014

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Despite this being the tenth Christmas that we've been together, this year is the first year that we get to celebrate as Mr and Mrs. We've been married for four and a half months. How it's been that long already I don't think I'll ever quite comprehend.

Due to us being together since teenagers we've spent Christmas in just about every way possible by this point - except being on our own. We've not seen each other at Christmas, spent Boxing Day together, eaten with his family, with my family... Now we've come to an agreement where we see both sides of our family on Christmas Day, eating dinner with one and just spending time with the other.

This year the plan is to wake up in our own home (much like the last two years) on Christmas morning and make some breakfast before opening the mountain of presents that we'll no doubt receive! We'll then head to my parents' house for Christmas dinner which we always have about 1.30pm. I can't express how much I'm looking forward to my mum's tasty roast potatoes and bread sauce. Christmas really is the best day ever for food. We'll hang about there until the evening when we'll visit my in-laws and do the annual Christmas quiz! The plan is to stay the night there before heading back through to my sister's house for round two on Boxing Day.

I don't think that being married has changed much in regards to how we do Christmas. We've finally worked out a routine that keeps everyone fairly happy and it takes the stress right out of the big day. That isn't to say that this year has been the same as all the others. It hasn't.

How this Christmas is different to the ones before:
  • I get to open all the Christmas cards that come through the door as they are now addressed to Mr and Mrs T. This makes me ridiculously happy as I hate having unopened mail in the house and my dearest husband is notorious for just that! Now I get to open all the mail addressed to both of us and that includes Christmas cards.
  • I'm the one struggling to sort out his Christmas presents. Normally I am super organised and by this time I have all my presents bought and wrapped ready to go and whilst I have the majority for everyone else bought I have nada, zilch, zero bought for my husband. Even my ideas feel somewhat limited this year.
  • He's already bought my presents! Usually he buys my presents the weekend before Christmas (if that early) so when he announced last weekend he had all my presents bought I was a bit shocked to say the least. Looks like it's been a bit of a role reversal.
  • We planned out who we were spending Christmas with this year at the end of 2013 so there hasn't been any major arguments. Since moving in together in 2011 who we spend Christmas with has always caused a bit of friction. Everybody wants to see us but both families run different schedules through the day! Nightmare.
I really want to do something this year that can become our own little family tradition but I have no idea what that should be. Especially with it being our first Christmas married, I'd like to make it a little special in some way. What are your family Christmas traditions?
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  1. I'm glad you two have decided where and with who you'll be spending Christmas with. My husband and I will be spending it with my side of the family on Christmas Eve since that is when we open the presents and then on Christmas evening we will go with his family. Hopefully all works out well and it's drama free!! :P


    1. You open presents on Christmas Eve?! What!? Haha. We'll open our presents in the morning on Christmas Day at our house before jumping in the car and heading to my parents' house. I quite like getting that little bit of just me, the husband and the dog time at the beginning of the day before we don't get a moment to ourselves! Sounds like you have a good plan in place for your Christmas!
      Debi x


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