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December 03, 2014

Nobody wants to see the same kind of gift guide over and over again especially when just about everyone and their aunt is doing them this December. So I popped my thinking cap on (for some reason I imagine it like being a red swimming cap) and set to work on thinking how I could do something different for my blog.

So this year my gift guides are going to centre around the people in my life and what are the kind of things I'd get for them - or people like them.  First up it's the boys!

 photo giftguidehusband.jpg

For the geeky husband:
If you're looking or a simple board game that isn't too complex but is different from the normal ones like Scrabble and Monopoly CARCASSONNE is a fantastic choice. Whilst he already owns the core game there are a number of expansion packs which I might just have to get buying. ANDROID NETRUNNER is another game that the husband really wants and has done for a while now so who knows, maybe it'll be under the tree come Christmas Day! My husband is a comic book fan with Spider-Man and Deadpool being his favourites so this T-SHIRT and LEGO SET would be ideal gifts for the big kid in him. With all this lounging about playing games and building Lego I'm sure that a comfy pair of SLIPPERS wouldn't go amiss.

 photo giftguidedad.jpg

For the cool dad:
I think my dad is pretty cool. He's not into the usual sort of gifts that are recommended for men - anything golf or drinking related - so it can be quite tricky to know what to buy for him. He always loves a good hoody and this AC/DC HOODY would be perfect for him. Plus I think he'd look pretty good in this jumper too. He's been a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers for years so this 49ERS SCARF would be an awesome addition to his winter accessories. Any sports related merchandise is always a good shout for someone who loves a specific team or sport! The husband heard of this book, THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH and we both agree that it sounds like something my dad would love. Finally you can't go wrong with a good GIFT SET, L'oreal or otherwise.

 photo giftguidenephews.jpg
For the nephews (aged 1 and 3)
We recently got this LETTERSAURUS for my nephew for his first birthday and it has apparently been a hit. It plays music and helps to teach little ones the alphabet and colours too. This MONSTER HOODY is completely adorable and I can just imagine how cute my littlest nephew would look wearing it! What little kid doesn't like toys to play with in the bath? I think this TURTLE TOY looks awesome. My three year old nephew is a bit obsessed with trains to say the least hence the theme or his present suggestions. Thomas is his favourite so this THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE T-SHIRT and the JIGSAW would be perfect for him. Plus I think this MOTORISED TRAIN SET is super awesome too! Of course, you could substitute any of these toys for dinosaurs (my favourites), cars, planes etc.

I'll have a gift guide for her up in a couple of days time so keep an eye out for that!
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  1. I think I'd take the Spiderman tee for myself ;)

  2. I have a thing with the OH of mine that I buy him a geeky tee every Christmas and birthday - normally revolves around his love for comic books so i'm always on the look out for some fun new ones! I love lego! I would buy our newphews more of it, but it's soooo expensive these days it's crazy!

    1. My sister-in-law's husband is crazy about Lego. He has so many big, elaborate sets which are really cool but they are so expensive! I don't know how he affords such a hobby! Haha.
      Debi x

  3. Replies
    1. Me too. I wouldn't say no to getting it myself!
      Debi x


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