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December 10, 2014

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Last Friday we packed up the car and took the hour drive to Skelmorlie, a little place on the west coast of Scotland near Largs, for a little weekend away with the husband's family. In true bad-blogger style it took until we had been on the road for about forty-five minutes before I realised that I had forgotten my camera so I had to resort to the husband's rather old iPhone! Oops!

Anyway, my in-laws had booked a massive, sea-front house for a couple of nights for twenty of us (including Roxie!) to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. It was a bit of a mad house to be honest with so many of us but it was nice to all get together before Christmas!

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Formerly a Bishop's home, a convent and religious retreat it has now been turned into a large, nine bedroom house which is often used for hen parties. With some questionable nun-themed art dotted around the house, there was also a giant kitchen and dining room, a room with a pool table and even a hot tub. The weather was less than desirable when we stayed so the hot tub's use was limited to say the least. Gale force winds, heavy rain and even hailstones aren't exactly perfect hot tub weather, eh?

Massage treatments were offered on the Friday night as part of booking the house for two nights which I passed up on but everyone else really enjoyed. On Saturday we had a chef arrive to cook us a five course meal. After lentil and roasted garlic soup, goats cheese and black pudding, lemon sorbet, chicken and potatoes, and sticky toffee pudding we were just about ready to burst. I like to think it was just preparing me for the obscene amount of food I'm likely to eat on Christmas Day!

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On the Saturday around lunchtime the husband and I decided to take the short drive into Largs to get some chips for lunch, as you do when your by the sea. Unfortunately as you can see from the grey pictures above the weather refused to cooperate and we were left soaked to the bone, eating our chips and cheese whilst drinking Barrs in the car.

Largs is a town situated on the Firth of Clyde in North Ayrshire which is a popular place for tourists in the summer. With the famous Nardinis, a historic links with the Vikings, arcades, a pebbled beach and umpteen chip shops it's a popular choice for people looking for a day out in the summer sunshine. In the winter drizzle however not so much. You can also take a short boat trip from Largs to the Isle of Cumbrae where you can cycle around the island in about half an hour which we did the day after we got engaged.

I wish the weather had been better and I'd remembered my camera! I promise to go back to Largs some time in the future on a lovely sunny day and take some proper photos. Oh, and have some ice-cream too!
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  1. Looks like you were met with the typical seaside shade of skies and clouds! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend away.

    1. Ach, we never were going to get good weather in December! I didn't expect it to be quite so horrible though! It was a nice little break, that's for sure!
      Debi x

  2. Who'd have thought that so much nun art existed! It's been ages since I've had any cream soda too :(

    1. Some of the nun art was actually pretty creepy looking. It was a bit odd to say the least. When I was little I used to call cream soda "tee-dum juice" because instead of chewing gum I was given ice-cream flavoured Chewits which tasted like cream soda. Not being very good at saying "chewing gum" it came out as "tee-dum". For years, it was all I ever called cream soda! Haha.
      Debi x


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