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December 16, 2014

On Sunday I thought that I would attempt a picture an hour sort of project but it was a bit of a fail. I only managed to get so far as 5pm (photo nine) before it all fell apart a little but, in my defence, our evening was really busy and I didn't have much of a chance to take photos!

 photo 9amto12pm.jpg
9am: Coffee, bagel and twitter | 10am: Dopey face but red hair is back! | 11am: Roxie listening intently for Kami coming home from the shops | 12pm: Watching Kami build himself a skate park

I had such big plans to make Sunday a good day and certainly more interesting than it turned out to be but, hey, I'm nothing if not real on this blog so I won't dress it up in niceties! The morning was filled with sniffles and an attempt to tidy the house and get myself ready for the day ahead. Normally this would take me no time at all but being hit full force with the cold it proved to be a much trickier task than anticipated.

 photo 1pmto4pm.jpg
1pm: Cold medicines | 2pm: Roxie looking super cute | 3pm: Bathroom building site | 4pm: Hastily painted nails in Black Cherries from Rimmel

After dosing myself up with some cold remedies after lunch, my father-in-law came up to try to fix our ongoing leak in the bathroom. Whilst now the leak is fixed (our whole floor under the linoleum was flooded) our toilet isn't working properly yet and we will be needing new flooring soon too. It couldn't have come at a worse time what with Christmas just around the corner. Luckily my father-in-law had trained as a plumber so it's been dirt cheap to fix as opposed to the £190 we were quoted by the housing association. We have no idea how much the flooring will cost but at least it's only a little room and not a much bigger problem! Oh, the fun of being a home owner.

Then I started to properly get ready for going out in the evening to see my little sisters' first performance in their theatre school pantomime. I quickly curled my hair (I can't stand my hair straight) and hastily painted my nails. I love this Rimmel nail polish in Black Cherries as it's super quick to dry and a really nice colour too.

 photo 5pm8pm.jpg
5pm: Hanging cards on the wall | 8pm: Beauty and the Beast pantomime

While I was cooking a rather unimaginative dinner of fish and chips I hung up our first bundle of Christmas cards. I think it looks sort of cute like that although already I'm going to need to pop up some more on another stretch of wall!

This is when my photo an hour project fell apart. We had to rush to eat our dinner and get out the door to go to my little sisters' pantomime, Beauty and the Beast. Obviously I couldn't take photos of the actual performance what with there being lots of children taking part. What I can say though is that it was freaking fantastic. I am so proud of my little sisters, dancing and singing so confidently as a part of the ensemble. Whenever they were on stage I had a permanent grin spread across my face. I hope that they'll do other stage shows in the future and I'd love to see them get main roles too! There are no words that can explain how proud I am of the people that they have become and how much I love them.

By the end of the night I was shattered. It was a case of curling up into bed as I had a headache and was feeling pretty poorly as soon as we got home about 10.30pm. I really do live a rock n roll lifestyle.

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  1. I have a bit of a love hate thing with photo an hours, I love doing them but they make me realise how lazy I am at times lol. Hope your feeling all better soon!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, they make me realise just how uninteresting my life is. Then again, when things are more exciting in life I don't like pulling out my camera. Haha!
      Debi x

  2. The one time I planned something to do on my weekend, I failed my photo an hour post... They just turn into me, drinking tea and watching TV. It's true, we do that a lot, but let's not highlight it all the time haha.

    Hopefully you'll be able to get the bathroom all sorted asap!

    1. It's a lot harder to do that I always think it will be. I always want to do it on a day that I'm actually doing something interesting but then I get so caught up in that that I forget to take photos and it becomes an utter failure! Oh well!
      Bathroom is no longer leaking although now we do need some new flooring!
      Debi x

  3. Ah, hope you're feeling better now and managing to get some rest. I really like reading other people's photo an hours, however uninteresting, mainly because I'm just a nosy so-and-so :-) I've included your post in my photo an hour round-up over on my blog if that's okay ( :-) xx

    1. Thanks :)
      I've managed to get rid of the cold although I woke up feeling a bit poorly today which isn't much fun!
      Debi x


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