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February 27, 2015

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Okay, I'll be honest I've been out of the loop in the last couple of weeks with the blogging world. I've just not been feeling it and took a mini break, not  that you will have noticed. Scheduling is an absolute god send for that reason, isn't it? Anyway, now that I've caught up with my bloglovin' feed once again it's time to share with you another of my favourite blogs.

And so my blog of the month for February is...

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THE PYREFLIES is a beautiful little blog written by the wonderful Jessica, a self confessed geeky girl from Florida. Full to the brim with a brilliant, varied collection of posts this little blog is one of my favourites to read time and time again. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be sharing it now, would I?

With funny life anecdotes, beautiful OOTD and a bunch of geekery sharing some amazing COSPLAYS thrown in for good measure, Jessica writes in a lovely conversational tone which makes it all the easier to read. Jessica also shares a heap of fantastic posts filled with BLOGGING advice and wisdom. I must admit that I'm not usually one for reading blog "tips" but Jessica's posts aren't all about the "rules" but instead helpful advice. The kind I think there should be more of in the blogosphere!

I'm insanely jealous that Jessica lives in FLORIDA where the weather always seems to be lovely, especially compared to dreich, old Scotland! One thing that I really love about blogging in general is getting to see little snippets of other people's lives and where they live (I'm nosey like that) so the fact that Jessica is always sharing little LIFE ADVENTURES is awesome.

If you haven't realised already I really love blogs whose writers are lovely, personable people who are engaging with their readers and I'm happy to say that Jessica is no different. She has also dabbled in a teeny tiny bit of YouTube (I'm hoping she'll do more!) and has a super cute accent too! I wish I had a nice accent.

My favourite POSTS from February alone!
And those all important LINKS so that you can follow, follow, follow!

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  1. Good choice! I love Jessica's blog!

  2. Aww Debi! You are the sweetest. I am so happy and honored that you chose my blog. Thanks for the sweet words. As for youtube, I will totally be making more! February was a little crazy so I didn't get a chance to record a video but I'll definitely be posting one in March. :) Happy Friday!


    1. You are very welcome, lovely! Your blog is great :) I'm glad that you'll be doing more YouTube - you were an absolute natural ;)
      Debi x

  3. Love Jessica's blog, and I too especially during the winter am highly jealous of the weather!

    1. I'm very jealous of the gorgeous "winter" weather Jessica gets but I know that I shouldn't complain. Compared to the weather you get in Michigan, Scotland's winters are awesome! Haha
      Debi x


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