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February 24, 2015

The last time I wrote a Currently I'm post was during blogmas before Christmas so I think that you'll probably agree that this is long overdue. That being said, there hasn't been a whole lot going on lately - certainly nothing out of the ordinary. Still, it's nice to take stock once in a while.

Reading… I finished "Don't Tell" by Karen Rose on Wednesday and did not enjoy it. It really knocked me off my reading game to be honest so I'm now reading another book by Jojo Moyes called The Girl You Left Behind.
Playing… We had our DATE CHALLENGE last Sunday where we played six games in total - three on the Xbox and three board games. The husband and I also played The Room on iPad within the past month which was a really great puzzle game.
Trying… To stop stressing about the little things and focus solely on the positives.
Cooking… Nothing very interesting if I'm honest. We've been a bit lazy and made super simple meals this week!
Eating… Chilli baked potato tonight. Yum!
Drinking… A whole lot of different teas as I'm trying to cut down on the caffeine after realising I have way too much of it on a regular basis. It's probably not all that great for my anxiety!
Tweeting... A little less this week. Sometimes it's just nice to take a wee step back and not be wondering what's the next piece of nonsense I can tweet.
Going…  To hopefully start a few craft projects in the next few weeks.

 photo DSCN1320.jpg

Loving… Playing with Roxie and her toys. She never used to be very good at playing and sharing toys but I think it's amazing how far she has come. She's barely the same dog that she was when we first adopted her in June 2012.
Hating… That I have an over-active imagination that likes to think about the every bad possibility!
Wishing... I had some GHDs or similar straighteners. It would make styling my short hair so much easier! That and a new camera as I'm now using my old one which just doesn't work properly!
Wanting... To maintain my level of organisation with the housework, house projects, writing, blogging and crafting that I've had since mid-January. I finally have some sort of routine going that really works and I don't want it to disappear!
Enjoying… The beautiful colours of the sky when the sun sets. I don't think I've ever really noticed just how amazing they are until this winter.
Sorting... Out my room, bit by bit. Under my bed is tidied but I've still to go through my wardrobe and my little bedside cabinet.
Thinking… That I need to do more exciting things with my days otherwise my Project 365 is going to end up being really boring really quickly - if it hasn't already.
Deciding...  What should be the next bit of housework I tackle. Oh, I lead such a fun life, doncha think?!
Feeling… More motivated and organised again this week.
Hoping… That the weather will be better soon so that we can get Roxie out on a nice long walk.

 photo DSC03295.jpg

Listening (to)… George Ezra, The Civil Wars, Jason Mraz and my rugby playlist on Spotify.
Watching... Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I am seriously addicted to it - I'm going to be so disappointed when I've run out of new episodes to watch!
Considering… How I should be spending the rest of my day.
Wondering... When the blue tinge from my nails will disappear after I didn't use a base coat at Christmas. I've tried using lemon juice but it did nothing for me.
Wearing... Jeans, a black vest top and my burgundy hoodie. I do not do fashionable.
Finishing… Editing another chapter of my novel.
Starting… To plan next week's blog posts.

What have you been up to lately?
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  1. That's great that you've come up with a routine! I'm trying to get myself into one since I got a new job and it's throwing everything around and making me crazy. Haha have a great week!


    1. The routine works pretty well for the most part. Of course, I've had my occasional lazy day but for the most part I manage to keep up with it. It's nice to have some order to my days for a change!
      Debi x

  2. I keep debating whether to watch PLL! It seems to be everywhere at the moment. I know what you mean about overactive minds, I'm totally the same. The only way I have figured out to stop it is to keep busy all the time! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I really like PLL but I get the feeling that it's probably not for everyone. My mind never seems to stop at the moment. It constantly worries or has me thinking of the most random things, normally when I'm trying to sleep!!
      Debi x

  3. I'm all out of tweeting nonsense this week, I'm just being unsociable and drowning my emotions in a bag of popcorn.
    We were thinking of starting Pretty Little Liars, seems like something simple to watch whilst we do other stuff :)

    Have a happy week!

    1. There are much worse places to drown your emotions than in a bag of popcorn, that's for sure! I always tweet too much mundane nonsense. I feel sorry for anyone who follows me! Haha.
      Debi x


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