I love Love

February 13, 2015

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I love Love.

I love the feeling of loving someone, that rush you get when you see them, the butterflies performing a choreographed dance in your stomach. I love how someone can occupy your every waking moment, how I can spend every day with the same person and still have my stomach lurch when I see him. Nothing beats that feeling of being loved in return, knowing that someone has got your back no matter what.

I think I could say I know a thing or two about love. The husband and I have known each other for a decade now and will have been together for ten years come August. We aren't adverse to public displays of affection. We hold hands when we are out (if the dog isn't in the way), hug and even share the odd kiss in public.  Every day we say "I love you" several times, not out of habit but because we genuinely feel it, and it never loses its meaning. I'll make him a cup of tea for when he gets home from training and have his dinner on the table when he comes home from work. He'll bring home cake and make me hot water bottles and hot chocolates when I'm having a bad day. It's the little things that really show love.

But Valentine's Day? Well, that's something I can take or leave.

I could spout that it's over commercialised, an ingenious money-making scheme by the card companies to bleed you dry of every penny you've saved between Christmas and now. I could declare that it is ridiculous to only show your love on one day of the year. Hell, I could complain that it is unromantic and forced if everyone celebrates their love on one arbitrary day of the year. Never mind the competition between couples it can create, unrealistic expectations. So-and-so's boyfriend took her unexpectedly to Paris. Paris! And all I got was a lousy card and £7 jumper from Primark. I could even argue that it isolates those who are single and perpetrates the idea that you have to be coupled up to be happy and successful. And all those points are valid but that isn't why Valentine's Day just isn't for me.

Truth be told February 14th holds no significance to us as a couple. It is just another day. Another day to share the odd kiss and say I love you, like we always do. I don't need to wake up to breakfast in bed and a lovey dovey card that has an overly soppy message to know that I'm loved. For us the 12th of February has more significance (I'm sure this was the day we actually met). The 12th of March, 11th of April, the 1st of July, the 1st, 3rd and 17th of August all hold far more significance to us and our relationship. Surely, it makes more sense to celebrate these dates that matter to us?

I would rather spend money, time and effort on our anniversary as it is personal to us, rather than a day for the masses. To me it feels far more special if my husband does something cute on a random day of the year or remembers one of the above dates. I don't need Valentine's Day to realise I'm incredibly lucky to have an amazing man in my life. I have 365 days this year to realise that, to shower him with love. Why save it up for the 14th of February?

So tomorrow we plan on playing board games and doing our "February Date". Not because it's Valentine's Day but simply because it is the only Saturday this month that we've got free for such a thing. And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.
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  1. I completely agree! Wedon't buy cards and we don't buy gifts... we just buy pizza. But then, that's no different to the rest of the year. We'll also order pizza tonight in the hopes it will arrive quicker because everyone will be buying pizza on Saturday!

    1. Mmm... Pizza. Now that sounds like a good idea. We ended up being at my parents' house for dinner so no romance for us there! Haha. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day but we just don't because we have so many other dates that are significant to us and hence more worthy of our attention!

  2. Joe is very, very against Valentines, to be honest it's against most of the commercial "Hallmark" holidays so it passes us buy, then again we've been known to forget anniversaries so what do we know lol. We're getting pizza tonight because Friday's are weekly date night, and I want pizza, just because lol.

    1. Both you and Kerri talking about pizza makes me want pizza! I'm pretty good with dates so I don't forget anything like anniversaries or birthdays but I'm not the kind of person who gets mad if Kami forgets. He's got a memory like a goldfish anyway!
      Debi x


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