Project 365 #5

February 09, 2015

 photo Feb2.jpg
2/2/15: The husband's American football helmet which weighs an absolute tonne! Can you tell that they are called the Tigers?

 photo Feb3.jpg
3/2/15: We got two boxes of Jelly Babies for Christmas and this is us just getting around to eating them. I honestly haven't had proper Jelly Babies in the longest time. I forgot just how moreish they could be! 

 photo Feb4.jpg
4/2/15: We opened February's date card and already I've started making plans. I'm thinking of having another GAMES PENTATHLON like last year but this time with tasty drinks and cupcakes. We'll have to wait and see though...

 photo Feb5.jpg
5/2/15: Spent the day with Roxie at my big sister's house for a good catch up and a really long natter about just about everything. She had made these delicious red velvet cakes too which were honestly amazing. 

 photo Feb6-1.jpg
6/2/15: The husband brought me home some lovely flowers, just because. He really can be so sweet sometimes. 

 photo Feb7.jpg
7/2/15: The sunset was absolutely beautiful. I mean, just look at that sky. Every time I thought that it couldn't possibly look any prettier I would look out the window again and be even more amazed. I love winter sunsets.

 photo Feb8.jpg
8/2/15: One wet but clean, fluffy dog in the house. Roxie doesn't mind baths too much but I know she'd rather that we didn't give her one! The treats afterwards make it worthwhile though I'm sure!

The best weekends are spent with the people that you like the most so having dinner at my sister's house on Saturday with all the gang was brilliant. From wearing the husband's American football helmet and pads to playing with the dogs to our rather crammed stair selfie (parents included) there wasn't a moment that I wasn't having fun. It really is all about the little things in life.

Sunday was my typical day of a little housework and some writing/reading while the husband was at training. The living room did smell of wet dog most of the day after we had bathed Roxie but now she is so soft and fluffy that it made it all worth it. Plus, it was just another excuse to have the obligatory Roxie photo. You're not complaining, are you?
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  1. Those cupcakes look so good! And I love the game night idea! Your handwriting is so pretty :)


    1. They were yummy. I think my handwriting looks kinda messy. It never stays the same!
      Debi x

  2. Oh Jelly Babies are my favorite, they are always so tasty! Lovely sunset too!

    1. The sunset was crazy beautiful! I wish I had a better picture of it. I've still got half a box of Jelly Babies in the cupboard. It's taking a lot of restraint not to just finish them off!
      Debi x

  3. Jelly Babies are such a Christmas gift, although I only eat the orange ones :) I always fancied making some red velvet cupcakes, I like the idea of a red cake!

    1. Only the orange ones!? What?! I like them all but the black and red ones are definitely my favourite. I plan on making some cupcakes at the end of the week. I bet that they are not as nice as the ones my sister made!
      Debi x


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