Project 365 #6

February 16, 2015

 photo Feb9.jpg
9/2/15: That husband of mine is a shopping enabler! He convinced me to pick up these cute little shoes for the spring/summer. Granted they were only £4 from Primark so it was hardly bank breaking.

 photo Feb10.jpg
10/2/15: Roxie's box of toys. In the evenings she has taken to standing over the toys and whining until you pick whatever one she wants out for her. Lazy!

 photo Feb11.jpg

11/2/15: This is what most of my days have actually looked like this week: hot water bottles, Rooibos tea and blogging. Add in a touch of housework and shopping and you get the full picture.

 photo Feb12.jpg
12/2/15: This what it's like changing your bedding when you have a dog. She didn't move when I put the duvet back on the bed. 

 photo Feb13.jpg
13/2/15: I just wasn't in a good head space on Friday. I was grumpy and frustrated over simple things but this face kept me smiling. If in doubt a picture of sleepy Roxie will do!

 photo Feb14.jpg
14/2/15: Valentine's Day and the chocolate I had was this Wispa bought by my mother-in-law! Had a nice dinner at my parents' and plenty of good chat with them but they are mainly anonymous on the blog so chocolate it is!!

 photo Feb15.jpg
15/2/15: Our February date challenge got postponed a day when we were invited for dinner at my parents' house. Three Xbox games and three board games and one winner but I'll tell you all about that in tomorrow's post. 

After a week of feeling a little off, my weekend turned out to be pretty fantastic. With dinner at my family and way too much laughter to a Spring-like Sunday and our date challenge, I can honestly say that I could get used to more weekends like that. I'm really looking forward to the weather getting better so not only do I not have to wear umpteen layers just to leave the house but so that all my photos can be of pretty walks and exciting adventures as opposed to what they have been lately.

I really don't lead the most exciting of lives but hey, I like it.
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  1. Did you write especially neat so you could take the photo?! ;)

    I like your life! It's doesn't have to be life changing adventures and adrenaline rushes all the time :) At some point, you've got to take a wee wee and do some washing!

    I do like those summer shoes! I should not be popping into Primark, but I haven't been to the new one they opened yet...

    1. Haha, no. That's just my normal writing when I'm not too rushed!!
      99% of the time I quite like my life. It might not be super exciting, especially to blog about, but it's mine and the only one I've got. Plus the people that I have in it are pretty awesome.
      I didn't see too much in Primark that I liked. The shoes were about the only thing that caught my eye! Apparently, I'm just not very fashionable. Probably a good thing too or I'd have absolutely no money!
      Debi x

  2. I do love shoes like that, they are so handy in the summer, super cute too. i do miss Primark for their cheap shoes, it's really hard to find an equivalent. I'm just so ready to put my walking/winter boots away!

    1. They are perfect for the summer and wearing with shorts I think. I didn't need more shoes especially ones like those but they were too cute to resist. I love how cheap Primark are for shoes but sometimes the quality is a bit naff. I guess you get what you pay for. I'm most looking forward to putting away my thick winter jumpers!!
      Debi x

  3. The dog who won't move off the bed though! I have that x 2. In fact they tag team me during sheet changing day.
    So glad your weekend was a fabulous one.
    M x

    1. I don't think I could deal with being tag teamed by two dogs come sheet changing day. It's hard enough with just Roxie. She grumbles at me every time I try to get her to move!
      Debi x


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