Dear March

March 05, 2015

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Dear March,

How can you be here already? It feels like no time at all since we were taking down the Christmas decorations and making grand plans for how we will spend the year. Now we are already well on our way to tip-toeing through the first quarter of the month without much to show for it. Soon we'll be shedding our winter coats and welcoming spring with open arms. Or at least I hope so.

Somehow your arrival shocked me into noticing just how little I've accomplished in the beginning of the year. How have I managed to whittle away two whole months of 2015 and have virtually nothing to show for it? I mean I've almost watched all of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, I've read six books and I've enjoyed plenty of quality time with the family but that isn't really what I mean. I think that it is the curse of winter when the allure of duvet days and watching too much television is just too strong. It's far too easy to forget that the weather does get better, that everything gets better, when you still bring snow.

You turned up on Sunday with the same miserable weather that we've been experiencing for weeks and I found myself doubting that you will bring spring-like weather our way any time soon. To be fair, I think that every year is the same. You enter looking like winter and leave with the world looking a whole lot greener, restoring my optimism for life with cool, blue skies and new life bursting all around me. Cold, dark, miserable days wreck havoc on my mood, my outlook on life mirroring the world I see outside my window. I don't want to wish you away (I'm trying this new thing where I notice the little, everyday things) but I can't wait for the better weather (and better moods) and new beginnings you'll bring.

I want you to be a great month, March. We're going to tackle a few big, life-type things and hopefully make some fantastic memories along the way. It's about time that I started making 2015 an unforgettable year - I might as well start with you, right?

Debi x

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  1. Rumour has it, it's going to be around 13 degrees on the weekend! I think spring is on the way!

    Happy March to you!

  2. I'm glad march is here =]


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