Five Things I'm Always Thinking About

March 27, 2015

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Like everyone on this planet I think about stuff. A lot. I mean I analyse everything. I run conversations and moments over and over again in my head trying to work out their meanings, their significance. I think about world issues and interesting intellectual...stuff but for the most part I'm normally thinking about the following...

Yes, I do mean baby names. No, that doesn't mean I'm pregnant. The truth is I have been thinking about baby names since I was about eighteen and I've even compiled a spreadsheet of my favourite boys and girls names. I am that sad. It's no secret that one day I would like to have some children so I think that it's only natural to think about what I'd like them to be called, right? I'm always saying that if I don't start throwing ideas around now by the time there is a little one then we'll just end up calling them something stupid like Table. Trust me, this is not an option.

As a blogger and budding novelist I continually find myself thinking about the written word. I'm striving for excellence in everything that I write (that's hard to imagine with some of the drivel I dome out with, I know) and therefore I'm always assessing how I could improve my writing style. What is it about this author or that book that I love? Why is it so compelling and difficult to put down? How can I replicate it in my own novel or blog post? I know I won't ever achieve perfection in my writing but I'd like to get close. Moreover, words absolutely fascinate me. I love how it feels to write, to watch your thoughts and ideas materialise before your very eyes. I just don't think I'm very good at it... yet.

Ah, the future. This one is always on my mind whether it is what our plans are for next weekend, what I want to do with my life or when we'll move out and have kids. I'm always preoccupied with what is in front of me rather than today. I think sometimes it is good to have a goal to focus on or an exciting event around the next corner to get you through the week but not noticing the present? Well, that's no good at all. It's something I'm working on. When I'm feeling a bit more light-hearted I also like to consider what the next awesome gadget could be or what life will be like when robots finally take over the world. You know, cool stuff.

Every second thought that passes through my head is no doubt to do with food. I love the stuff. Without it I would cease to exist therefore I think that it's only right that it is a pressing matter in my head on very much an hourly basis. What will I eat next? Is there chocolate in the house? What's for dinner? Can I have another one? All very important questions really.

I bloody love my two bedroom flat but the allure of a three bedroom house with a bath, stairs and a garden is almost too much to bare sometimes. We don't plan on moving for at least a year or two but that doesn't stop me day dreaming about my ideal house or having a sneaky look online at the houses I'll never be able to afford in our area.
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  1. Travel and food, I like to spend a lot of time thinking about those things. And what book I want to listen to next.

    Sometimes I think about blogging, but usually it's in bursts of thought and then not again for the rest of the day haha.

  2. I don't really think about the future a lot, a couple of months ahead yes, anything longer nah, i'll just see what happens. I think about the weather a little too much and what I want to craft/diy and what work I should probably be doing.

  3. I dont think about much to be honest, but i should be as im 24 years old, just dont want to grow up anymore haha

  4. This is a really cute idea for a post! So cute that you have baby names all planned out :) What's your fave boy or girl name? I'm alwayyyysss thinking about food too - could never be one of those people who forgets to eat!
    lily x


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