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March 19, 2015

My writing ability seems to have disappeared recently and I've found it nearly impossible to sit down behind my laptop and tap out a few posts. Every time I try all motivation and inspiration evaporates and I'm stuck staring at half written ramblings that I'm unhappy with or worse, the stark white of a blank page.

Anyway, what's the best way to overcome this in the blogging world? Borrow someone else's idea. I know, I know. It's totally frowned upon by lots of people. It's unoriginal. It's unimaginative. Pipe down, you! I'm trying to get my creative juices flowing again so just let me do it. 

I first saw this idea on the wonderful Crumbs in the Bed (if you don't already follow Kerri then you should) and bookmarked it so I could do my own version and here it is. Enjoy.

Four movies that I've watched more than once...
  • Stand by Me. It's such a great coming of age movie with a young Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix.
  • It's a Wonderful Life. Every Christmas Eve with all the family for the last few year. It's just the film to get you in the mood at the most magical time of the year.
  • Beauty and the Beast. The best Disney by far in  my opinion - I always wanted to be Belle when I was little.
  • Get Over It. A completely cheesy teen comedy made back in 2001 but it still makes me laugh even now.
 photo DSCN1187.jpg
Four places I have visited...
  • Parnu and Tallinn, Estonia
  • Lagos, Portugal
  • Salou, Spain
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Four things I don't eat...
  • Mushrooms. The smell, the texture, the taste... EVERYTHING about mushrooms is totally gross. You won't ever find them on my plate.
  • Steak. I'm totally fussy about the texture of certain foods and steak is one of those things that I just can't face.
  • Pork. Same on the texture thing although I do like the taste of it. The struggle is real.
  • Sushi. I've never actually tried sushi but I have absolutely no desire to do so either.
 photo Feb14.jpg

Four of my favourite foods...
  • Chocolate. I can't get enough chocolate although if I'm honest I'm not fussed for white chocolate. I mean, I'll eat it but I'd rather have milk or dark!
  • Pasta. Carbs are amazing. Enough said.
  • Pizza. It's the greatest food in the world when you just want something super simple but really tasty for dinner, you know?
  • Chicken. As I don't really like pork or a lot of ways that beef is cooked, chicken is my go to meat every time. Mmm... chicken.
Four things I wish I could do...
  • Play the violin. I'm not musically talented by any stretch of the imagination but I would really like to know how to play one instrument and the violin seems kind of cool.
  • Paint an incredible picture. I'd honestly love to a painting of Roxie but I can't paint very well (I'm more a landscape/insects sort of girl) and to get one commissioned can be pretty expensive.
  • Knit. I used to be able to do it as a kid but I've forgotten how to. It's something that I definitely need to relearn.
  • Swim. This is something that I never did as a kid so even now, at the age of twenty-five, I still can't swim. It sort of makes me feel inadequate. Lame.
 photo Jan19.jpg

Four TV shows I watch...
  • Pretty Little Liars. Obsessed.
  • Game of Thrones. Amazing.
  • Supernatural. Hot men folk.
  • Orange is the New Black. Compelling.
Four things I'm looking forward to this year...
  • Going to see Avenue Q.
  • Going to see the comedian Trevor Noah just after my baby sisters' 18th birthdays.
  • My birthday and the awesome "party" that I'm already planning with my sister despite the fact that it isn't until July. Yeah, I'm a big planner. What of it?
  • Summer. Just in general. Everything is better when the weather is nice and you get to wear lots of cute, summer clothes.
Four subjects I studied at school...
  • Art and Design.  I don't think I was particularly good at art at school but it was my one class that I could totally relax in. It was nice in Higher (the Scottish equivalent of A levels) to be able to take an hour a day to draw, paint and create something new.
  • Italian. I took this in Standard Grade (the Scottish equivalent of GCSEs) and I really liked it. It's a beautiful language even if I don't remember too much now. Plus, learning it after knowing some French made it ten times easier.
  • History. I love history. In higher history we learned about the Tsar Nicholas II and the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917 and it absolutely fascinated me. I would genuinely spend years studying history, especially European.
  • Chemistry. I only took this in Standard Grade but I hated every second of it. Doing experiments made me feel anxious in case I seriously screwed them up and formulae and equations confused me so much. I wish I was sciences and maths but I'm just not.
 photo Feb 6.jpg

Four things that were worth the money...
  • Roxie. There was an adoption fee when we went to get our beautiful, little dog from the rescue centre almost three years ago and I honestly think it was the best decision we ever made. She's made us so happy by being part of our family as such she was worth every, single penny.
  • My wedding dress. First of all, I bought my wedding dress online from a site that sold brand new, ex-sample, discontinued or surplus stock at a discounted price which meant instead of paying over £1000 for my dress I got it for way less. It was worth the money though as I felt amazing and beautiful all day and even though I won't wear it again, I can keep it forever.
  • Our little flat. It may not have a garden or be the house that I would like but every time we pay our mortgage each month I'm so pleased that we have our little home.
  • My phone. It was pretty cheap but it's been great - so far. I hope that I haven't just jinxed it!
Four things that I cannot live without
  • My husband. I think we can all agree that this is no surprise to anyone else.
  • My family and Roxie. As above.
  • The internet. I can live without the internet for a week or two at a time but if it was taken away from me for forever then I wouldn't be very happy.
  • Food. As my little sister said the other day: Food is life.
 photo dandk.1.jpg
Four things about my husband, Kami 
  • While he doesn't play all that often anymore when I first met him he played guitar (and sang) in a band. I've always been sort of jealous that he's musically talented and I'm not in any way.
  • He's been playing American Football since the start of the year.
  • He's right handed like 70 to 95 per cent of the human population. Apparently. Oh, how original.
  • Spider-Man is his favourite superhero. Yes, he is a child.
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  1. This is a wonderful post for when bloggers block strikes!! Also I just love learning more about the people behind the blogs so this helps a lot. Thanks for sharing lovely xx

    1. Me too. It's nice to learn more about a blogger.
      Debi x

  2. Ah I love posts like these! Always so interesting to get little tidbits. I am also a mushroom hater, the texture is just gross! Though I do like steak if it is cooked right! I've just started watching PLL, only on season 1, I can't believe you still don't know who A is by season 5!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I'm glad that you agree about the mushrooms. I can't stand the nasty little things. I don't even let them in the house even though Kami likes them! Haha. I am obsessed by PLL even though I know it isn't hugely intellectual or anything. It's such easy watching although I'd like to know who A is now, thanks.
      Debi x

  3. I would really love to visit Estonia. Funny textured food is something that I hate, that's why I hate beans, they have the strangest texture. Although mushrooms have grown on me over the years and I actually quite like them now.

    I loved chemistry! I was going to take Chemistry at uni haha, but changed my mind at the last minute because the entry requirements were a little too high!

    I love the extra categories you added! Awesome post!

    1. Aww shucks, thanks. Estonia is one of my favourite places in the world. My maternal gran was Estonian so we went in 2005 and 2006 for the first time ever and it was amazing. It was such a beautiful country and it was so cool to meet some of my family too. I would have loved to have been good at chemistry and maths and such but I just suck at it. My brain just doesn't understand!
      Debi x

  4. Nothing wrong with planning things early (we started planning my father in law's 70th birthday party a year in advance) and I'm completely with you on the mushrooms - yuck! I do like this idea for a post, I've seen a few bloggers do it and it's a lovely way of sharing a few things about yourself. xx

    1. Yay! Another mushroom hater! I'm a huge planner. The only thing I didn't like planning was my wedding but anything small like silly little parties are much more fun!
      Debi x

  5. Sushi use to be something I never thought I would ever want to eat, until Joe introduced me to it and it was a total game changer. I think it'd eat it ever week if I could afford it! We're spoiled with having some great Japanese stores and sushi bars in the area which is completely different to say M&S/Tesco even Yo Sushi sushi. I did Art for A Level too but we had a shit teacher who was super opinionated and I've never drawn since, which is like 10 years this year. ooops.

    1. My best friend loves sushi but I just can't bring myself to try it. I'll stick to the things that I know thanks! I think it must be an Art teacher thing to be a bit of an arse and be super opinionated. All but one of mine were. The one who wasn't was the person who really instilled a love of art in me. He was fab!
      Debi x

  6. Great post, i cant swim either =]

    1. Hello another fellow non-swimmer! I wish I could. Maybe one day I'll learn but for now I'll just be in the shallow end of the pool!
      Debi x

  7. Love these little nuggets of info! I've never watched Pretty Little Liars (unlike 95% of the population it would seem!) and knitting videos on YouTube are the best!! Go go go go!
    M x

    1. I like PLL but I get that it probably isn't for everyone. It's the ideal show to have on in the background while I do the ironing! Haha. My mum used to knit a lot so along with my sister we are considering having a little mini knitting club! Haha. Such grannies. I'll be sure to check out youtube when the time comes!
      Debi x


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