Project 365 #11

March 23, 2015

 photo Mar 16.jpg

16/3/15: Sometimes Roxie can be a real lazy bum but she does give the best cuddles so I can't really complain about it.

 photo Mar 17.jpg
17/3/15: I made vanilla frosted cupcakes but without the chocolate chips this time. They tasted just as nice without the chocolate.

 photo Mar 18.jpg
18/3/15: This felt like the first real day of spring and it was amazing. I know that a lot of my photos this year have been of the sky and weather in general but I will never tire of beautiful blue skies like this. Ever.

 photo Mar 19.jpg
19/3/15: She sat like this for a good fifteen minutes. I don't think she realises that it isn't how you are meant to sit on the couch. Silly dog.

 photo Mar 20.jpg
20/3/15: I tried to catch a photo of the solar eclipse but it was a major fail. Apparently, my camera doesn't want to cooperate and work quickly (and efficiently) when the clouds decided to part for all of ten seconds! So here is a quick picture of some Rolo cookies instead. Yum!

 photo Mar 21.jpg
21/3/15: A beautiful walk in the morning sunshine with my two best friends at Mugdock Country Park.

 photo Mar 22.jpg
22/3/15:Decisions, decisions. The husband made me pick out a few hot chocolate sachets as a wee treat while we did our weekly shop. So good!

After being in a funk on and off all week I ended up having a great weekend and feeling obnoxiously happy about it. It's genuinely amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to lift my mood - that and a lovely walk with my faves. I can't wait until the weather is a bit better more consistently as I love getting out in the fresh air with Roxie, watching her run about a little ahead of us, sniffing madly at the scents of other animals, her mouth open with excitement. She's far too cute. A bit of rugby and netflix may have also been watched just to make the day more complete.

As ever I am writing this on my Sunday afternoon as the hazy sunshine filters in through my windows and Roxie snoozes on the couch. My Sundays seem to be a lot lazier since my husband now goes to American Football training in the afternoon which suits me. It gives me the chance to pop on some music, sit down behind my laptop and write. It's an ideal scenario. I'm also attempting to make a little stir fry tonight so there might be a new recipe post soon. It really depends on the success of the meal as well as actually taking blog appropriate photos as I cook!

Have a great week!
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  1. Rolo cookies for the win! I haven't had them in forever, but they were always my favourite. Kris is partial to the Smarties ones.

    Sundays are always for relaxing :) Since nothing is open anyway, we just spend Sundays pottering around the house!

  2. Love this post =]

  3. Always use to love Rolo and Smarties cookies - delicious!


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