Project 365 #8

March 02, 2015

 photo Feb 23.jpg
23/2/15: Scented nail polish from Revlon. It's a gorgeous lilac, the scent is lovely and it stays chip free for days. My only gripe is that it takes three coats before it is properly opaque and with my slightly blue-tinged nails in some lights I can still see the blueness. 

 photo Feb 24.jpg
24/2/15: Some days all that will do is a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. 

 photo Feb 25 2.jpg
25/6/15: There was a balloon caught in the tree outside our flat which was oddly hypnotic in the wind. 

 photo Feb 26.jpg
26/2/15: After having a bit of a slow, tough week my motivation suddenly reappeared and I found myself getting all the housework done in one day. Oh, the glamorous lifestyle of a housewife, I tell you. I really love this scent of air freshener at the moment. It's so fresh! 

 photo Feb 27.jpg
27/5/15: Roxie and I spent the day at my sister's house, chatting and watching Netflix until our men came home from work when we had dinner and chatted some more. We like to talk in our family. When we got home, it was straight into bed for a little spot of reading and a whole lot of sleep.

 photo Feb 28.jpg
28/2/15: Rose wine is the way forward with alcohol although I actually prefer White Zinfadel more than Which Grenache. Just saying.

 photo Mar 1.jpg
1/3/15: Popped out to try and do some shopping and ended up coming back virtually empty handed. Roxie was pleased to have us home though and settled beside the husband to watch him while he played some Xbox and I got on with some much needed blogging.

Another week over and I genuinely can't believe that we are now settling into March. Spring is just around the corner - at least, that's what I'm hoping. There's only so much more of the biting cold wind that I can take. We popped out to the shops on Sunday but I refused to go outside the shopping centre to the surrounding shops purely because I couldn't stand the cold, or the heavy rain showers. 

I'm glad to be saying goodbye to the past week. It wasn't the greatest one I've had recently but at least it was finished with a nice lazy weekend of Xbox, Netflix and a lot of chat shared with the husband. March is shaping up to be a slightly busier month, I hope. With my mum's birthday, Mother's Day, and another, more exciting  date challenge on the cards I'm hoping that it shapes up to be pretty damn great.
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  1. Scented nail polish sounds strange! I didn't think it was good to sniff nail varnish... do they do something to make it OK to sniff. I guess, you're not huffing it, so it's probably fine.

    Happy March to you! Now if you could just make me one of those hot choccies we can be BFFs for ever :)

  2. That nail polish is such a pretty color :) I hope this week is better for you and I hope you have a great March!


  3. Mmm that wine sounds delicious and I love the idea of that nail varnish. I'll have to see if they get over here, I guess anything is better than the traditional smelly nail varnish scent!

  4. Scented nail polish? I'm sure my boyf would love for me to get that, he hates nail polish fumes!

    Jay x


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