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April 01, 2015

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Insert some comment about time going too fast.

Hello you. Hello April. Goodbye March.

I honestly like ending each month (or in this case beginning) with a blog of the month. It's like spreading a little bit of love out into the blogosphere and I'm feeling lovely like that again. So without further ado, here is my blog for the month of March. Enjoy...

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UNDERLAND TO WONDERLAND is a fantastic blog written by Disney enthusiast Danielle filled with amazing photography and awesome writings. I've been reading this little space on the internet for quite some time now so it's no surprise that it has finally made it's way into this series. Deservedly too!

Filled to the brim with fantastic posts about life, I particularly like her fabulous WHO DO YOU THINK THEY ARE? (I still need to get in on this one!) series as well as the interesting INKED AND AWESOME series. As someone with no tattoos I find this fascinating. I'm always curious as to what people put on their body. If I was ever brave enough (I'm not!) I'd get the Deathly Hallows symbol, the Mockingjay symbol and the Dauntless symbol (Divergent) in a row on my ribs. Just so you know.

Danielle is a fellow dog lover so there are plenty of posts about BAKER & DOGS which is always a-okay with me. I also love the WEEKLY REFLECTIONS posts that share her favourite posts from the blogosphere as well as online, her favourite photo and thankful moments. It's such a great idea that I wish I had thought of it first!

Danielle is also such a sweet, lovely lady with an amazing eye and talent for photography which can be found on her second blog. I honestly think that there is nothing better than twitter for getting to know more about the blogger and forming connections with people and I'm pleased that you can find her over there being her lovely self.

My five favourite POSTS from March...
 The all important LINKS to follow...

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  1. There is nothing more rewarding with this hobby than someone you yourself look up to saying such amazing, encouraging things about you.
    Thank you SO very much for this - I can't quite believe it...


  2. I love Danielle's blog! It's definitely a favourite of mine!

  3. Danielle is just one of the absolute loveliest ladies and her photos are to die for.
    M x

  4. Danielle is just one of the absolute loveliest ladies and her photos are to die for.
    M x


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