My Simple Spring/Summer Wish List

April 17, 2015

It seems to me as though the weather has been teasing us lately; allowing us to believe that summer is just around the corner with brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine before snatching it away, leaving us with grey skies and the dreaded downpours of rain. I don't know why this even surprises me anymore - I live in Scotland for crying out loud. Mercurial weather is its whole "thing". When the sun does decide to grace us with its presence I'm suddenly reminded of my lack of style and I have a little wish for a few hundred (or thousand) pounds to magically appear in my bank account so I can have a little shopping spree.

Of course, that isn't going to happen and I'll be lucky if I buy the odd new thing for summer. I'm the queen of making do. Trust me, I still have items in my wardrobe that I've had for about a decade - and I still wear them. That being said, a girl can dream and so here's my pretty modest wish list for summer. Well, so far...

 photo Simple Summer Wish List.jpg

Okay so maybe I lack a bit of colour with this wish list but what's wrong with having some simple staples, right? Plus, I am just a little bit in love with stripes so two of the outfits are absolutely ideal for me. I think.

OUTFIT ONE:  STRIPED DRESS from H&M, £12.99. BLACK SUEDE SLOUCH BOOT from New Look, £34.99.
That husband of mine is always telling me that I should wear more dresses and I know he's right but whenever I look in my wardrobe on any given day for a dress I'm struck by just how fancy mine feel. Therefore, this striped dress, paired with some cute ankle boots, is the ideal outfit for day to day. It'd also look super cute with some knee high boots and tights in the colder months too. The urge to buy this dress right here, right now is strong!

OUTFIT TWO:  EVA FINE STRIPE RIB CUFF & NECK TOP from boohoo, £12. SHORTS from George at Asda, on sale at £6. FLORAL LACE-UP PLIMSOLS from New Look, £12.99.
This is the sort of outfit that you could expect to see me wearing a lot during the summer months. I basically live in denim shorts and comfy trainers and I have my fair share of the later already but these floral ones add such a cute summery touch to the outfit. Of course, you can never go wrong with a stripey tee now, can you? Perfection.

OUTFIT THREE: LEAF DRESS from H&M, £7.99. WEDGE SANDALS from Deichmann, £16.99.
Another dress? I hear you cry. What on earth is Debi thinking? I'll tell you what Debi is thinking: she's thinking that that pattern is freaking awesome and just a little bit outside of her comfort zone. It'd be perfect for a beautiful day out in the sunshine or going for dinner, especially with the pretty tan wedges. It's my birthday and my first wedding anniversary come the summer and this is exactly the sort of outfit I'd wear for that sort of occasion. You know...if I ever wore dresses... 
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  1. I tend to wear all my dresses/skirts on the weekends and holidays, not so much to work, then I'm all jeans and tee. Having nice tights makes me want to wear dresses more, just so I can wear the tights :)

    I do like that stripy one from H&M!

  2. Love how you put your selected items into an outfit! last Outfit screams summer break! I can totally imagine wearing this for a nice summer dinner on a holiday! No harm in selecting another dress ;) They are so easy to just throw on and not have to worry about matching stuff!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel


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