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May 29, 2015

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Another month over, another opportunity to share with you a blog that I love. There may be the teensiest amount of bias when it comes to my blog of the month for May but I'm sure you'll agree, if you take a look and read on, that it is still very much deserved. Without further ado, please say hello to May's Blog of the Month...

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BACKSTAGE WITH ABBI is a relatively new blog to grace the internet with the very first post being published in April. Don't let its newbie status fool you though! It's beautifully written by the wonderful, Abbi, who just happens to be my little sister. Self confessed bookworm and dreamer, Abbi is immersing herself in the WORLD OF ACTING as she leaves high school behind her for the big, bad world. Being an actress, she also has a real interest in films and has been posting the odd REVIEW, sharing her thoughts and opinions.

Being privy to the behind-the-scenes section of her blog, I can say for a fact that whilst she may have only a few posts to date, there is a wealth of content just waiting to be published for our very eyes. In the blogging world we all talk about how you should "write in your real voice" and I can say for a fact that Abbi does just that. Her thoughts are well thought out and constructed and, in my opinion, worth listening to.

I know that there is an element of bias here but I truly think that Backstage with Abbi is an excellent little space on the big, old internet and I urge you to go and give her a wee follow. Abbi is a funny and sarcastic yet sweet and compassionate girl who I absolutely love to bits. I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes with her blog and where her first year out of high school takes her. I hope she'll take us all along for the ride.

My favourite POSTS so far...

Let's not forget those all important LINKS!

Honestly, blog (and sister connection) aside, I freaking love Abbi and her twin sister, Tiia. I've had the pleasure of watching them grow up into amazing, confident young women and I could not be more proud of all that they have accomplished, both together and individually. They are so witty and intelligent, kind and compassionate, beautiful and talented. I am one hell of a proud big sister and I love being able to call them my best friends. Love you girls!
 /gushy outpouring.
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  1. Always excited to have another blog to check out! Now to find the time to check out all these blogs!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I love how much love can be spread by one post haha x


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