Everything Happens For a Reason

May 06, 2015

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I am a huge believer that things happen for a reason. What is meant to be will be and what isn't won't. It's gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life and in April this mantra came in really helpful. I know, I know. I've not told you exactly what went down last month. The truth is I don't know if I ever will share that little piece of me on my blog, on the internet, so publicly. Only time will tell with that one. For the time being, all you need to know is it wasn't something I had either expected to happen nor is it something that can be easily forgotten. I'm dealing with it though and it has gotten me fixated on this belief that everything happens for a reason.

The truth is we all experience highs and lows throughout our time on this planet. It is the very nature of life. We would all love if we could just experience the good and miss out all the stuff that makes you want to curl back under the duvet and forget that the world exists but we can't. All we can ever do is make the best of what is thrown our way.

Losing my job through redundancy led me to rediscovering my love for writing which meant that I know have this little space on the internet and half of the second draft to my first ever novel completed. When the husband and I were told that the lease on our first flat together was being cut short after only four months, through no fault of our own, it felt like the world was out to get us, deliberately putting obstacles in our way. Without that little bump in the road I wouldn't be sitting in my amazing flat (which we own), staring at my beautiful, furry-faced best friend.

Those original things weren't meant to be. The reason they fell apart was that it was life telling me that I was wandering down the wrong path, one that wouldn't make me as happy as I am now on a day to day basis. They happened for a reason and that reason was my flat, my writing, my wedding, Roxie. All the good things I have in the here and now have come from the little hiccups of life.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, right? Well, after you've kicked the crap out of the metaphorical tree until your foot aches, tried to tear it down and have a lengthy conversation with yourself about whether or not you could just burn it to the ground. That would stop life giving you those bloody lemons, wouldn't it? If only it were that simple.

Instead when life gives me lemons I look ahead; maybe only a day at a time, maybe a year, and I focus on that. What is lying out there in front of me that is better? What is waiting a little further down the road that meant this wasn't meant to be? How will I get from here to there?

Just because things don't seem to be going your way at the moment doesn't mean that the world is out to get you. It doesn't mean that what you want is unattainable. Although perhaps you've still to discover what it is, I truly believe that something better, something that is meant to be, is just around the corner waiting for you. 

You've just got to get there and find out what it is.
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  1. I'm sorry that you went through such a tough time last month, I really hope that this month goes better, that you feel better and things start looking up for you. Sounds like you've got your head on straight at the moment, but for those moments when you doubt it, just remember that things get better, things will pick up and don't forget those people who love you!

    1. Thank you. I feel like when May started I was able to start afresh a little, sort of put April properly in the past. I know that some days I'll have a tough time but already May is looking much better and brighter - even if the weather has been horrible! Haha.
      Debi x

  2. Aw Debi I wish I could give you a huge hug and just tell you, no matter what it is you've gone through, that I can sympathize. Jake and I have both gone through some terrible times both together and before that but the fact that we looked ahead, just as your are, got us through.

    It seems you share my exact frame of mind and I am sure with a head screwed on so well you will come through it all and be a lot better than before.
    Everything does happen for a reason. But good things happen to good people too.


    1. Thank you! I know that everyone goes through tough times and often I think that I shouldn't be complaining. After all I have so much to be grateful for. Looking ahead and believing that things happen for a reason - good or bad - does help me to move on and I suppose get over the tough times a bit. I sure hope that good things happen to good people. I'm due some more good stuff soon I think!
      Debi x

  3. I can only imagine what may or may not have happened but things will get better, I'm sure of it. Everything that happens helps shape us and make us stronger people - the cliché about weathering the storms so you end up in the sunshine is cheesy but true! (and I'm keeping all my bits crossed that your sunny weather arrives very soon) xxx


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