Glasgow Sevens

May 13, 2015

When I decided to write about the Glasgow Sevens I had every intention of doing so in a sort of photo an hour style. For me things never go quite the way I had planned them and so I think it is fair to say that I didn't stick to my original plan whatsoever. In fact, I royally screwed it up by A) not taking a photo every hour and B) forgetting my memory card for my camera and having to use a mismatch of photos from my phone, my sisters' phones and photos taken AFTER the event.

Good going, Debi. You certainly are a professional.

 photo Glasgow Sevens.jpg

Braving terrible weather my sisters, brother-in-law, husband and I went to the Glasgow Sevens, a tournament for rugby sevens with teams from all over the world. If you don't know much about rugby the game of sevens may have eluded you. Essentially, the game of rugby is the same only the teams consist of seven players instead of the normal fifteen, and  each game is a total of fourteen minutes - seven minutes in each half. Simples.

Teams from places like Scotland, Japan, Russia, Kenya and New Zealand (to name a few) compete through group stages and eventually for one of the four different trophies; the Shield, the Bowl, the Plate and the Cup. The latter being the most prestigious. It's sort of a tradition to have each year themed and with this year being the last that they will have in Glasgow we decided to join in dressing up as comic book characters. Unfortunately what with the weather being so poor we never really got to show them off. Still, my little sister's wigs were particularly awesome.

 photo Glasgow Sevens Debi and Kami.jpg

Despite heavy rain and a very cold wind we didn't let the rubbish Scottish weather dampen our spirits with each of us having a great time. We enjoyed cheering on our favourite teams (Scotland, Australia and Portugal) whilst cheering on each and every try that was scored.There were performances from cheerleaders including a special guest appearance from someone dressed up as Oor Wullie. There were multiple opportunities to make use of your vocal chords whether screaming encouragement at the players or singing along to the music piped through the stadium.

Rumour has it that the World Series is no longer coming to Glasgow, or Scotland at all, in the future with Sunday's competition being the last one that we will host. It seems a shame that such a great weekend out has been taken away from us up in Scotland, especially after we invented the game! More importantly it is devastating that the future of Scotland's rugby sevens is in a precarious situation with the SRU being unsure of whether or not the sevens programme in Scotland will continue. I know rugby isn't as big a sport in Scotland as football but it would be a shame to see such talent lost. Anyway, I digress.

Sunday was a great day out despite the rubbish weather. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I returned home to doggy cuddles, a hot shower and my pyjamas. I think I'm just about defrosted now!
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  1. That sucks that you guys aren't getting it back again - guess you'll have to think of something else fun to do :)


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